Fitness goals: What you need to achieve an efficient workout this year

SINGAPORE – What is your New Year’s resolution? To eat healthier and/or work out more frequently?

While we can’t ensure you stick to your fitness resolution, we can help curate great bargains on fitness accessories, activities and equipment that you can shop for in an instant.

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Muay Thai personal training two 60-minute sessions - 28% off

Muay Thai training classes. (PHOTO: Shopee)

Try your hand at the art of eight limbs by booking two 60-minute sessions.

Muay Thai is a combat sport that uses stand-up striking positions and various clinching techniques. Most commonly used for self-defence, if you want to brush up your combatting skills, this sport might just be for you.

Doorway pull up bar - lowest price guaranteed

Doorway pull up bar. (PHOTO: Shopee)

For those who don’t always have the time to go to the gym or want to squeeze in a quick workout from time-to-time, the doorway pull up bar may be a viable option for you.

Both removable and compact, you can just whip out the pull out bar and attach it between the door frame and begin your workout.

Depending on what part of your shoulders and back you’re planning on working out, you can simply use either the wider grips or the close grips on the bar.

Yoga resistance training bands - 30% OFF

Yoga resistance bands. (PHOTO: Shopee)

Here’s another useful stay-at-home fitness - a resistance training band. The band allows you to exercise and sculpt every muscle group and is perfect for home-based training.

With its compact size, you can easily take it along for your travels and pack it away neatly in a cupboard, unlike most fitness equipment.

CDMX steel wire aerobic exercise skipping rope - 50% off

Jumping ropes. (PHOTO: Shopee)

The jump role is perhaps, one of the most underrated exercises and overlooked by your average Joe. The jump rope plays a large role in many athletes’ fitness schedules, especially boxers.

There are countless benefits, from reducing the risk of injury to your ankles and improving your balance to improving your cardiovascular health and burning calories.

Weight lifting training gloves - 68% off

Weight lifting gloves. (PHOTO: Shopee)

Weight lifting training gloves offer great wrist support and provide a much more comfortable session at the gym. A better grip often means better technique, making for a maximised workout with less risk of injury.

These highly rated and affordable gloves will see through many trips and hours of your hard work over the months.

Oloey women’s 5-piece yoga set - 42% off

Oloey yoga set. (PHOTO: Shopee)

While you’re attempting downward dog or just the usual lotus pose, look at the top of your yoga game in this matching 5-piece set from Oloey. At 42% off, there are a variety of colours you can pick from for a great price. What’s included: a t-shirt, sports bra, shorts, leggings and a hoody, all made from a comfortable material.

Drskin men’s compression quick-dry t-Shirt - 45% off

(PHOTO: Shopee)

Drskin’s men’s compression t-shirt is the perfect top for any gym lad who trains, runs or does just about any exercise.

The cool quick-dry material keeps sweat marks minimal, as it evaporates much faster than normal t-shirts. Not just sweat-proof, the material also keeps you cool in the gym and doubles as an under cloth that holds heat in the winter.

E1009 piston fit earphones - 50% off

(PHOTO: Shopee)

To get your adrenaline pumping, listen to your favourite workout playlist as you train in the gym. The benefits of listening to music are endless - from keeping you motivated or improving your stamina and stepping your gym game up - a pair of in-ear headphones are essential.

Hollow foam roller

(PHOTO: Shopee)

Every gym bunny knows how important it is to use a foam roller to relieve muscle tightness, soreness and inflammation after an intense workout. 

Even if you’re using it for your warm-up or cool down, there is no better way at getting the blood flowing to those muscles, increasing your performance and create better mobility.

Hydro flask bottle with insulated silicone sleeve - 60% off

(PHOTO: Shopee)

This hydro flask bottle keeps your water cool and is the perfect companion to keep you hydrated during your workout.

Experts believe it to be vital for you to drink fluids before, during and after a workout because cells need fluid to synthesise energy, especially during a workout to maximise your performance.

Battle ropes fitness

(PHOTO: Shopee)

Battle rope exercises are a great way to get a full-body workout. It is effective in building muscles in your arms, shoulders and core; you’ll be in no doubt dripping in sweat after just a couple of minutes.

According to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, with just 10 minutes of swinging the heavy workout tool, you can burn up to 112 calories. If you have the space and want to be able to do a short but effective HIIT workout, then don’t overlook this exercise.

Vinyl dumbbells 0.5g - 5kg - lowest price guaranteed

(PHOTO: Shopee)

The vinyl dumbbells are the perfect tool for a beginner looking to start easy with their workout adventure.

Compact, stylish and affordable, these dumbbells come in three colours and its weights range from 500g to 5kg. The material makes for an easy grip to ensure good arm techniques and having less chance of injury. It is ideal for both office and home use.


Worst case scenarios and how to make the best out of them

Shop the S$115 shoes Meghan, Kate and Pippa can’t stop wearing

Must-have travel essentials for the savvy jet setter

Smart hacks for the home with space constraints