fitbit launches 4 new wearables, including its lowest-priced fitness tracker, the Inspire

Reta Lee
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle
fitbit Versa Lite. (PHOTO: fitbit)

Wearables brand fitbit launched four new fitness trackers at Singapore Botanic Gardens on Tuesday (19 March), including its lowest-priced Inspire. The other three fitness trackers include the fitbit Versa Lite Edition, fitbit Inspire and fitbit Ace 2. At the media launch, Steve Morley, VP & GM of APAC also shared that the brand will launch a redesign to the app so users can personalise their dashboard and connect with friends on fitbit’s social community page.


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Steve Morley, VP & GM, APAC. (PHOTO: fitbit)

Steve reiterated the brand’s mission hasn’t changed since they were formed 12 years ago, and they continue to encourage everyone to be healthier: “The growth of the brand has allowed us to build, probably a large database of activity and sleep and data that any company has. Last year, we introduced a new feature that got tremendous pressure, which was a female health tracking. And in just a year, we have 8.1 million users globally.”

What we really think of the fitbit Versa Lite and Inspire HR

On top of the success of fitbit Versa, a lighter version of its predecessor, the Versa Lite Edition is now available at SGD248. Upon first look, there is only a single button on the left side of the interface, and you swipe left, right or up and down to access the features. The smartwatch comes with most of the core fitness and smart features such as the exercise modes, sleep tracker and female health tracking. But you’ll need to know that fitbit stripped off its stairs tracker, swim lap-tracking and on-board music storage, keeping it pretty basic. It also doesn’t connect to WiFi, unlike the original. There are additional new colours to this range, including the Marina Blue, Silver and Mulberry.


New design for goals-setting makes it fun on the app. (PHOTO: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

We reckon if you’re one of those who have not own a smartwatch before, this makes for a basic entry level buy, provided you’re not much of a swimmer, and don’t mind using your smartphone as an additional tool to listen to music while exercising.

fitbit Inspire. (PHOTO: fitbit)

The fitbit Inspire makes for an interesting case as it is the company’s lowest-priced fitness tracker at SGD118. Closely resembling the fitbit Alta (which has been shelved), the Inspire’s screen is made out of plastic and not glass, which means it’s prone to scratches! It’s a pretty basic tracker if you only need it for the obvious feature, which is simple step tracking. It’s swimproof and the battery power lasts up to five days, which could do better. Also, anything in-depth, like the guided exercises, are missing. The Inspire HR, SGD158 is poised to work as a 24/7 heart rate tracking device in a slim design. It’s chockfull of 15 over goal-based exercise modes, exercise and sleep stages tracking, connected GPS and relax guided breathing use. We reckon if you have extra to spend on, spend it on the Inspire HR instead of Inspire. Wearing the Inspire HR, I sometimes forget that it’s around my wrist. It’s that light. However, as I’m so used to the Versa interface, the Inspire HR’s screen is too small for my liking, and for tapping.

fitbit Versa Lite Edition, Inspire HR and Inspire devices will be available in Singapore across retailers including Axtro Sports, Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Harvey Norman, Metro, e-Gadgets and Lazada.