The first NFT plane ticket sells for $1 million

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Air Europa and TravelX join forces to release the world's first NFT flight ticket series, dubbed "NFTickets."

For the first time in the history of aviation, an airplane ticket has been issued in the form of a digital non-fungible token -- otherwise known as an NFT -- which serves to guarantee the authenticity of a physical asset. This "NFTicket" recently sold at auction for $1 million.

From artworks to sneakers or even truffles... You might not have expected NFTs to crop up in the travel industry, but that was without counting on the creativity of the Air Europa airline and TravelX, a Spanish company building a blockchain-based distribution protocol for the travel industry.

The very first NFT air ticket -- or "NFTicket" -- has just been sold at auction for the modest sum of $1,002,000. In addition to the original form of this airplane ticket, its astronomical price is explained by its status: it is also a work of art. This NFT is, in fact, part of a series entitled "The Art as the Destination," and this first creation is designed by the Puerto Rican artist, Carlos Betancourt.

Despite its digital form and its exorbitant cost, this ticket will still serve as a traditional boarding pass, giving its owner access to a flight to Miami Beach, scheduled for November 29. The owner will be welcomed aboard in business class.

Nine other NFT tickets will be auctioned between June 1 and September 2, via the TravelX platform . Each will include a new artwork created by various other artists.

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