First look at Ready Player One is full of Easter eggs

Ryan Leston
UK Movies Writer
Here's our first look at Ready Player One - Credit: Amblin

It’s time to log on for ‘Ready Player One’.

And rather appropriately, this first image is packed full of Easter eggs.

Appearing online thanks to Entertainment Weekly, this first look at ‘Ready Player One’ gives us a rather cool glimpse of Tye Sheridan as Parzival – real name, Wade Watts.

But it’s not just a cool look at the upcoming sci-fi adaptation. Oh no… it’s actually crammed full of Easter eggs. If you’ve read the Ernest Cline novel it’s based on, you’ll understand just how cool this is.

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‘Ready Player One’ follows the story of Parzival inside OASIS – an online virtual world which makes the overcrowded and thoroughly grim real world just that bit more bearable.

Created by Gregarious Games founder James Halliday, OASIS is full of ‘80s pop culture.

And most importantly, the main character Parzival is part of a global search for Easter eggs within OASIS – a grand contest which will see the entire digital world passed to the winner.

Here’s our first look at Tye Sheridan in Ready Player One – Credit: Amblin

And it looks as though some of those references have seeped out into the ‘real’ world of ‘Ready Player One’… at least, when it comes to Parzival’s hideout.

So, what’s hidden in this ‘Ready Player One’ image?

Parzival’s Oasis Rig

His VR rig isn’t all high tech – Credit: Amblin

First up, we’ve got a rather cool glimpse of Parzival’s OASIS rig – made up of a VR headset (which is definitely reminiscent of the PSVR) as well as haptic gloves, which allows him to access the online world. Within the novel, he calls the hideout “My refuge. My Batcave. My Fortress of Solitude.”

And there’s a cool reference to the book in this photo.

Parzival powers his OASIS rig by charging up old car batteries using an exercise bike.

“It was usually the only physical exercise I got each day,” he explained.

James Halliday on the cover of WIRED

A glimpse of the reclusive James Halliday – Credit: Amblin

He’s the CEO of Gregarious Games and the inventor of OASIS… and while he may have died in the story of ‘Ready Player One’, his influence is everywhere, not just in the digital world.

Appearing on the wall of Parzival’s hideout, we find an old, tattered issue of WIRED magazine… and the reclusive tech genius James Halliday (played by Mark Rylance) adorns the cover in a very ‘80s-themed, rock star look.

But that’s not all.

There’s also a newspaper clipping about OASIS further along the wall, with a vintage headline revealing just how widespread the online world is in ‘Ready Player One’.

“Since 2021 More Then 20 Million VR Headsets Sold.”

Parzival’s Vintage Collectibles

Parzival hides a He-Man lunchbox at his secret hideout – Credit: Amblin

An online world filled will classic pop culture can mean only one thing – an ‘80s obsession which spills over into the real world. And it looks as though Parzival is particularly infatuated with all things vintage.

Much like the book, he uses his hideout to store pop culture collectibles.

One of his prized possessions is a Star Trek luncbox… but in the movie, it looks as though he’s more of a He-Man fan. That’s right – he’s squirrelled away a He-Man lunchbox. And I have to admit, that’s pretty cool

But it’s not the only classic collectible in his hideout.

Check out those cool ’80s stickers – Credit: Amblin

A quick glance at the walls shows stickers all over them – another reference to the novel where graffiti and stickers cover almost every surface in the future. But these particular stickers are ones you might recognise… especially if you’re a fan of Garfield or the Garbage Pail Kids.

That’s right – Parzival has Garfield stickers and even a classic Bony Tony.

How very old school.

And we can expect many more pop culture references when ‘Ready Player One’ finally heads to the big screen.

‘Ready Player One’ stars Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, T.J. Miller, Hannah John-Kamen, Simon Pegg, Mark Rylance, and Ben Mendelsohn.

Steven Spielberg directed the film, based on a script by Ernest Cline, Eric Eason and Zak Penn.

‘Ready Player One’ heads to cinemas on 15 December 2017.

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