First look: Following Alice's adventures at ArtScience Museum's new exhibition, 'Wonderland'

Reta Lee
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle

Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale of a young girl named Alice who falls into a rabbit hole and uncovers a fantasy world, is brought to life by ArtScience Museum, with the exhibition ‘Wonderland’. The exhibition is open to public 13 April 2019 to 22 September 2019.

With over 300 artefacts and objects exhibited at the museum, the exhibition details Lewis’ story and includes works by filmmakers and artists’ take on the well-loved character’s adventures. There are also original multimedia works by digital creative studios Sandpit, Grumpy Sailor and Mosster Studio.


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Looking Glass House. (PHOTO: Marina Bay Sands)

We are thrilled to be the first stop on the global tour of this award-winning exhibition by ACMI. Wonderland invites visitors to take a trip through the looking glass into an immersive, enchanted world. This extraordinary exhibition spectacularly conjures up the surprising and magical world of Alice and her adventures. In Wonderland, the more curious visitors are, the more they will discover.

So, to draw out the inherent curiosity in all of us, ArtScience Museum has developed an original educational workshop based on Alice’s inquisitive character and questioning mind. Participants will be encouraged to use science, mathematics and logic to explore iconic scenarios in the Wonderland tales and use their creativity to craft their own ending to the stories. This hands-on workshop blends art, literature, science and role-play, underscoring ArtScience Museum’s commitment to providing interdisciplinary educational pathways into our exhibitions for visitors of all ages,” said Honor Harger, Executive Director of ArtScience Museum.

A Mad Tea Party. (PHOTO: Marina Bay Sands)

Visitors are encouraged to take a a short Wonderland character quiz via ArtScience Museum’s Facebook Messenger Chatbot to determine which character they are – just type in “wonderlandquiz” into the Facebook chatbot to see which Wonderland character you are.

At the exhibition, visitors will pick up their individual copy of Lost Map of Wonderland, which will correspond to one of four archetypal characters at Wonderland.

When moving around the exhibition, explore a Hallway of Doors to seeking advice from a Caterpillar and stomping on The Queen’s Croquet Ground to get an immersive experience. There’s also a giant chair which you can climb on and pose for pictures. Our favourite? The 3D projection of the Tea Party, which lasts approximately 10 minutes.

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