A Look Inside Bentley’s New Luxurious And Intimate Music Lounge

Bentley’s reputation as a luxury car maker is undisputed. However, beyond stylish, luxurious and expensive wheels, the brand has also expanded its expertise into other realms. Design is one area where Bentley has stamped its mark and its latest endeavour – The Bentley Record Room is proof of that.

Now, this isn’t the first time we have seen Bentley go outside its wheelhouse. In recent times, the brand helped design a luxurious whisky bottle with The Macallan. Bentley also helped create a bespoke yacht interior for a customer in 2021. However, it’s latest design effort surpasses its past accomplishments.

Bentley Record Room Co-op
Bentley Record Room Co-op

That’s because the new luxurious and intimate music space is earmarked to be Manchester’s most exclusive luxe member’s club. Situated in Co-op Live, a new music and entertainment venue in the city, the new private music lounge stands as a major centrepiece of the development.

Located on the Etihad Campus, Co-op Live is primed as a space for live music, sport, comedy, award shows and family entertainment. Part of the £365m development includes 32 bars, restaurants, lounges and club spaces as well as a highly luxurious Bentley-branded member’s club.

What’s In The Bentley Record Room

Due to open this year, the space is positioned as an exclusive VIP experience at Co-op Live. Creating a synergy between the lounge and the brand, the Bentley Motors Design Team incorporated custom finishes and designs of its cars into the space.

Stepping into the lounge, guests will be lathered in comfort and luxury with low carbon Beluga leather seating and expertly crafted Bentley Home furniture. Just like the cars, entrance into the club is limited to a fortunate few. Luxe membership of the hospitality club is very limited with 100-person capacity. Those who make the cut though, do benefit from perks such as access to the space before, during and after events at Co-op Live.

Elaborating further on the new space, Christoph Hohmann, Global Head of Brand Communications at Bentley Motors explains that the brand is excited to offer music lovers a dedicated Bentley Place. “The Bentley Record Room offers an environment that is as luxurious and cosseting as the interior of a Bentley – allowing guests to experience the craftsmanship, beauty and luxury that you can find in each one of our cars but on a much larger and totally immersive scale.”

The 100-capacity club will not just offer the ultimate in luxury and intimacy for music fans but also a lavish, exclusive experience. Part of the extended offerings include high-end dining options, a private host and waiter service, designated parking, and a VIP entrance to the venue. Members also get the best tickets to live shows as well as access to an exciting range of special events in The Bentley Record Room.

(Images: Bentley Motors)