First Isle of Man population report shows 461 rise in residents

The population report found 35% of new residents leave the island within five years

The Isle of Man's population has grown by 461 residents since the 2021 census, a new report has found.

Figures in the first annual population report show the number of people on the island now stands at 84,530, and could reach 91,700 by 2035.

That figure would fall more than 8,000 than a target increase announced by the government last July to boost the Manx economy.

But the report said methods of data gathering may be revised in future.

The document states the estimates presented were "at an experimental stage" and may need to be "restated as methodologies are revisited and refined" and when extra data becomes available.

The data, gathered by Statistics Isle of Man in spring 2023, suggests the Manx population has returned to levels close to those seen in 2011.

However, the report found that if net migration continued at a pace similar to 2022 the overall population would fall short of the government's target of increasing the number of residents to 100,000 by 2035.

'Modest increase'

The report said the overall increase was "tempered by high numbers of deaths on the island, resulting from a relatively aged resident population, and a substantial degree of outward migration".

Combined with a low birth rate, in comparison to the island's death rate, there had been a "modest increase in population numbers", the report continued.

The data also showed 35% of new residents left the island within five years, which the report suggested could be due to career progression opportunities being "much more widely available" in the UK.

For that reason, increasing the number of new residents who settled permanently could be a "considerable challenge".

Other key figures showed the majority of people moving to the island were between aged 25 and 39, with 18.9% taking on roles in medical and health positions and 7.3% working in business services.

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