From finger painting to ice-cold perfume: this week’s fashion trends

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Going up

Pedicures Essential for wearing transparent trainers such as Acne’s N3W. Gnarly feet aren’t very fashion.

Teasylighting The new balayage for hair. Highlights from the roots that look great in a ponytail.

Finger painting As demonstrated to mesmerising effect by Amoako Boafo in Dior men’s SS21 film.

Red and black The way to pay tribute to Kraftwerk’s Florian Schneider if you visit Electronic at London’s newly reopened Design Museum. Synthesiser optional.

Mouchette Bell New model to note alert. Bell – a model in the 80s – has returned to fashion. See her in new images for Whistles and more.

Going down

‘Basic’ Replace with “regular” – see Dominique Jackson on the panel of vogueing show Legendary.

Ice-cream trucks Forget 99s on the street corner. US company DS & Durga have vans travelling around New York serving ice-cold perfume.

Wayfarers Update your sunnies ths summer by going hexagonal.

Black sunglasses
Get into shape. Photograph: Alamy

Rope sandals Love the look of this summer’s fave footwear. Not so much the ouchy rope burn side-effect.

Squalene, etc Post-pandemic beauty is all about first aid kit favourites such as iodine. Get ready for the sting.

Weather app chat A very tedious byproduct of a summer of staycations.

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