Finding clarity online: Why seeking out a life coach or mentor can help clear anxieties in our life

Reta Lee
Editor-in-Chief, Lifestyle
A flower circle workshop. (PHOTO: Supparetreat)

The coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures can be stressful for some of us, with all the uncertainties of the global health threat.

Those who wish to seek help face-to-face from mental health professionals may find it difficult at this time, however.

While there are many online meditation tools and breathing workshops to help you navigate through this stressful time, getting a life coach or mentor online can help overcome anxiety and stress.

Celebrity host Oprah Winfrey has often credited her life coach Martha Beck with helping her navigate through roadblocks to succeed better in life.

During his time in office, former President Bill Clinton was also known to seek advice and guidance from self-improvement guru Tony Robbins to help him make better decisions.

While we often find our minds clouded with judgments and uncertainties, a life coach can actually help provide an outsider’s perspective and motivation to perform better and be more accountable.

Sarah Lian. (PHOTO: Supparetreat)

Founder and managing director of Supparetreat wellbeing platform, Sarah Lian, says she wants to help empower people with the feeling of confidence in making the right choices for themselves. She curates a team of mentors who then imparts their knowledge to workshop participants without “holding back.”

“Supparetreat initially was focused on creating experiences through retreats and workshops in an event setting but with the current situation where most of us are at home, we have had to shift to something more feasible. We found that in the early weeks of the lockdown, many of our past participants asked us if we could create an event for them. They wanted a place to process some of the trauma that they were going through and have a ‘safe space’ to vocalise how they were feeling,” Lian shares with Yahoo Lifestyle SEA.

“Our women’s circles have been incredibly powerful and the blessing of having it online means more women from different parts of the world can join us. We’ve had people from North America, UK and Australia in addition to those from Singapore. Being able to do this shows us how connected we can be despite feeling so isolated in our own homes.”

Lian was quick to pivot when the pandemic hit by replacing face-to-face workshops with a virtual session and a pay-as-you-can model. “We never would have expected the experience of music, essential oils and flowers to be replaced by screen savers and Zoom software, but our humble subscription has grown about 30% in the past couple months and our revenue has jumped by 60% with our pay-as-you-can model. What we love about this model is that we all know everyone has a different threshold when it comes to finances under these difficult times, so we’ve suggested an amount while respecting those who are in a financial bind,” Lian added.

(PHOTO: Como Shambhala)

Wellness centre Como Shambhala Urban Escape, located in Singapore, devises a whole range of programmes surrounding holistic health. In their newly launched digital wellness initiative Como Shambhala By My Side, members can get access to wellness and mindfulness workshops, led by accredited specialists who can help add clarity and intent with any decisions we make in life.

Participants pay a monthly subscription fee of S$22 to get unlimited access to all video content. Fees for various mentors and a life coach on the platform differ.

Ralitza Peeva is a highly educated life coach and counsellor - with a Masters in Counselling, a PhD in Sociology and numerous coaching certifications. 

Peeva partners her clients to gain insight into the personal obstacles that prevent them from living more fully and achieving their goals. She also supports them as they find new ways to manage stress, identify their priorities and ultimately create a balanced lifestyle, reinforced by healthy, satisfying relationships. Ralitza has lived and worked in Europe, the United States and, for the past sixteen years, Singapore.

Ralitza Peeva. (PHOTO: Como Shambhala)

Peeva tells Yahoo Lifestyle SEA that we should speak to a life coach when we feel a bit out of balance or without answers: “Talking to a coach is empowering and helps you feel centred, competent and capable. Coaches believe that you are the master of your life and our presence only enhances the best in you. We focus on your strengths and look at your (mental) blocks and we design a path that brings you closer to your goals and dreams.”

After the first session with Peeva, participants will leave with a few strategies that can help them take the right steps and introduce changes immediately.

When we asked Peeva how should we deal with procrastination, which we all are guilty of, she shared that it’s the perfectionist in us that feels the task is impossible and hence we would prioritise other tasks on hand. 

She advises: “Take two simple steps. Take a look at your to-do list and split them into what absolutely must be done today, what has to be done this week, and what can wait till next month. Learn to deprioritise by delegating tasks for others when possible.”

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