Finding Cheap Flights Is No Longer a Dream!

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Great news – you no longer have to pay high prices for your flight tickets! There are various tips and tricks around for finding and buying cheap tickets when you travel. And now Wingie, the online travel agency, has collected together the best ways to search for and find cheap flight tickets.

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For many of us, when starting to make plans for our next holiday, the first thing we do is to check the price of the flights. If the prices we see for our chosen destination are too high, we might even consider changing our plans in order to go somewhere else that has more affordable flights. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Wingie, the online travel agency with more than 20 million monthly visitors from all over the world, shares some tricks for finding cheap flight prices.

Use flight ticket search engines

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To find affordable flight prices, you should start by comparing the prices offered by different airlines. The best way to do this is through flight ticket search engines, which compare all the flights on offer to your destination from different airline companies. That means that instead of visiting each airline’s website separately, you can see all options listed together and save time. You can also find budget airlines you may not be aware of by using these flight ticket search engines.

Search incognito

Have you ever looked at the same flight several times online and noticed that suddenly the prices skyrocketed? You're not alone! When you search for a flight on the same route a couple of times in a row, your web browser saves your searches as cookies, and websites may raise flight prices based on your searches. It’s a little trick to urge you to buy tickets before prices go up again – and the way to avoid it is to search in incognito mode. When you make an incognito search, the data for your previous searches are not saved – and that means you won’t see any of those artificial price hikes.

Fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday

Did you know that flight prices vary depending on the day you’ll be flying? That’s particularly true around religious/national holidays and public holidays, when ticket prices can be really quite high, but the day of travel is critical all year round. Flights are at their most expensive on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays as people try to include weekends in their plans. If possible, try to have some flexibility about your travel dates, as tickets are generally cheaper for flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Choosing very early or late flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays may help you to find tickets for even more affordable prices

Find the cheapest place to fly

There will still be times when you can’t find an affordable ticket to the city you want to fly to. So how about searching for a nearby place that has much cheaper flights? Yes, this may extend the total journey time a bit, but even with the added cost of a bus or train ticket between two cities you can end up with a travel bargain. And of course, if you spend some time in the city where you landed before travelling on to your actual destination, you automatically double the number of cities you see.

When travelling abroad, the largest airport at your destination will have the most expensive ticket prices. But don’t forget that many big cities have a second smaller airport that receives flights from budget airlines. Of course, before you make this decision and buy your ticket, you should check how far the airport is from your actual destination, and factor in the added cost of ground transportation.

Try connecting flight options

Because direct flights to far-away destinations are fairly rare, their ticket prices tend to be very high. Travelling longer distances by using connecting flights is generally a more affordable option. It’s possible to find potential transfer points through your own research, but doing this manually is time consuming, and you may miss out on several possible transfer points that you hadn’t considered. We've developed our LogiConnect technology to help you save time and find all the best price options. As well as finding cheaper or shorter flights with LogiConnect you will also be protected from any airline-related problems you may experience as you transfer between flight legs.

Get a credit card that earns you air miles

Did you know that there are people who accumulate enough air miles to buy free flight tickets just by doing their everyday shopping? Many banks issue credit cards that allow you to earn air miles. If you don't have one yet, we suggest you get one as soon as possible. Banks may offer various conditions for earning miles. With some credit cards, 1 euro earns you 1 mile, while with others you need to spend a certain amount to earn a mile. Before you decide, it’s important to understand what the different banks offer so you can choose the right option.

Buy a one-way ticket

It may be more affordable to buy round-trip tickets for some destinations. But that’s not always true – sometimes when you search for a round trip, you may find that the outbound ticket is very cheap whereas the return flight is expensive. In this case, simply buy your outbound ticket from one airline and use another for your return.

Since the number of people travelling increases a lot in the summer, airlines launch extra flights in this period. If the number of passengers falls short for the return flights, ticket prices can be quite affordable. Alternatively, consider taking your return flight from a different airport in the area. If you are going to a country in Europe, you can often find cheap intercity train and bus tickets between cities – and as a bonus, you get to see another destination on top of saving money.

About Wingie

Wingie is an online travel agency that analyses thousands of flights from hundreds of airlines within a few seconds and lists all the best options. Wingie serves more than 20 million monthly users from all around the globe in six languages. More than 500,000 travellers book their flights on Wingie every month. With LogiConnect, a special technology developed by Wingie, users are able to compare thousands of different flight options to find the most affordable prices and convenient journeys.

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