10GULMOHAR: World's first net-carbon-negative luxury co-working hub now in Gurugram

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10Gulmohar by IDEASHACKS Coworking
10Gulmohar by IDEASHACKS Coworking

New Delhi [India], October 8 (ANI/SRV Media): IDEASHACKS Co., a sustainable experiences brand based out of Delhi NCR, has announced the launch of 10GULMOHAR - world's first net-carbon-negative co-working space in Gurugram, India. The project boasts of 100% renewable energy, circularity, organic farm-to-table and health-first initiatives. This green workspace has been designed in India for everyone who values working, exchanging ideas and innovating in creative, future-forward and uplifting workspaces.

IDEASHACKS Co., made its first sustainable luxury co-working space, The Unit, in Faridabad. The brand now aspires to be a torch-bearer in showing the local economy the perks of designing for sustainability. In its vision to expand its footprint in Delhi NCR and beyond, it has come up with 10GULMOHAR, the world's first 'eco-coworking' space in Gurugram. With the guiding principles of 'Start Together', this model workspace is built to the highest of quality standards, is luxurious and yet is sustainable in its character.

There has been a lot of research on the topic of the positive impact of green buildings on the human condition and workspace motivation. According to one research, 'people with access to nearby natural settings have been found to be healthier overall than other individuals' including increased levels of satisfaction at work, and with life in general (Kaplan and Kaplan, 1989). As per another study, employees reported fewer incidences of headaches and other illnesses when having a view of nature at work. Furthermore, people were less nervous and experienced less anxiety when in a room with interior plants or had a view of outside nature.

Additionally, Dravigne et al. (2008) found that window views of green spaces appeared to positively influence employees' perceptions of overall job satisfaction, employees' perceptions of their overall life quality, and employees' perceptions of their physical work environment. There has been a dire need for workspaces that positively impact the environment and give its patrons a meaningful work-life balance. To provide innovative and effective solutions, IDEASHACKS Co. took this challenge head-on.

Founder, Arjun Veer Chadha, said, "It is a space built for the upliftment of all senses while one concentrates on the task at hand. A workspace that instils mindfulness and promises focus elevation."

10GULMOHAR is a destination address in Gurugram, that is surrounded by lush forest greens, jogging tracks, cycling trails, golf clubs, stud farms, cricket grounds, football clubs, photography studios, eco-stays and horse riding clubs. Designed, built and managed by IDEASHACKS Co., 10GULMOHAR is a creative space for discerning customers and invites ones who crave 'Motivating Workspaces' that are luxurious, future-forward, environment-first and beyond the norm.

To know more about 10Gulmohar, the enterprise-ready workspace in the Aravali Range, a stone's throw away from Gurugram, one can call at +91 8448777687 or reach out via hey@ideashacks.com.

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