You Can FINALLY Shop Kendall Jenner's New Stuart Weitzman Campaign 👠

Photo credit: KEVIN TACHMAN
Photo credit: KEVIN TACHMAN

From Harper's BAZAAR

Kendall Jenner struts around the nude-color themed warehouse space at 525 Studio in West Chelsea, clad in a bronze satin blazer dress from Alexander Arutyunov. As the DJ plays “Walk It Talk It” by Migos featuring Drake, the 23-year-old model and Harper's BAZAAR cover star recreates her walk from Stuart Weitzman's freshly released campaign video-called #SWWALK-as dozens of cameras flash in an attempt to capture the perfect Insta-worthy moment.

With the four-part Gordon von Steiner-helmed visual co-starring Willow Smith, Yang Mi, and Jean Campbell on a loop in the background, guests such as Marianna Hewitt, Olivia Culpo, and Chriselle Lim sipped on champagne and were encouraged to recreate or offer up their own interpretation of that strut.

Ahead of the campaign's in-person immersive experience, Jenner sat down with to discuss the recently launched Stuart Weitzman nude collection, her first big shoe memory, and who is the shoe queen of her family.

Harper's BAZAAR: What made you want to be part of the new Stuart Weitzman campaign?

Kendall Jenner: I was really excited about it. I always wanted to work with them. And I knew it was a good group of girls, between, Yang [Mi], me, Jean [Campbell], Willow [Smith.]

HB: The Spring-Summer 2019 campaign highlights Stuart Weitzman’s inclusive shade range of “nude shoes.” Why do you think it’s important for brands to incorporate diversity into their products and campaigns?

KJ: The whole nude thing and keeping simple colors, it's really nice and super elegant and it's perfect because I would say if I was looking at my whole closet of shoes, the most shoes that I have are the pretty simple ones because you can wear them over and over and over again. They never get old, the trend never goes. The nudes collection is really cool.

Photo credit: Courtesy
Photo credit: Courtesy

HB: Which is your favorite shoe from the new collection and why?

KJ: The pump [she is wearing the Anny 70 pump in cappuccino brown patent leather] just because it's so simple, like I was saying before it's so simple I could wear it maybe 700 times over and not get judged for it. I love this one and I like this color.

HB: Who is the "Shoe Queen" in your family?

KJ: Khloe has a lot, and I always looked up to her collection. I don't know if it's a selfish reason because she's my shoe size so maybe that's why, all my other sisters have small feet. Kylie has a really good collection. I'd say Kylie and Khloe.

Photo credit: KEVIN TACHMAN
Photo credit: KEVIN TACHMAN

HB: Tell us about your first big shoe memory?

KJ: Kylie and I used to wear my mom's shoes all the time, and even Kourtney's shoes, 'cause Kourtney is like a [size] 4.5, her foot is really small. When I was maybe ten-years-old, I would fit [in] her shoes, so, Kylie and I would steal Kourtney's shoes all the time and do little runway competitions and we would steal my moms, but they were a bit bigger.

HB: If you could only wear one shoe for the rest of your life, which pair would you select?

KJ: I'd probably pick a good boot. Maybe a mid-rise heel, nothing too high or too low. Something you can walk really nice in and that's really comfortable. Just sleek and simple.

HB: You haven’t walked in a NYFW show for the past couple of seasons. Do you have any plans to walk any shows while you’re here?

KJ: Uhh, nope, not here in New York.

KB: What about the other fashion capitals?

KJ: For Europe? I think so.

HB: Valentine’s Day is only two days away! What songs would be on your Valentine’s Day playlist?

KJ: Ooh, thats a good question. So I have an Apple Music radio show, with one of my friends, we call it ZaZa World, and you'll have to listen to it because we have a whole playlist for Valentine's day, so check it out.

HB: Do you have any plans for V-Day?

KJ: Just here, hanging out in New York.

Photo credit: Cindy Ord
Photo credit: Cindy Ord

HB: Outside of modeling, you and Kylie launched your namesake ready-to-wear line. What other creative mediums are you drawn to and would like to experience next?

KJ: That's a good question. I'm really into a lot of things, and I have fun with the whole creative process, whether it be beauty or fashion or whatever, so I'm sure there are things in the future.

HB: Beyond major editorials and covers, you’ve scored some bluechip fashion and beauty campaigns. Who is a creative in the fashion or beauty industry that you haven’t worked with yet, but love the chance to collaborate with?

KJ: I've always really loved Steven Meisel as a photographer. There's so many, but yeah, thats my one for now.

HB: Your career comes with a lot of traveling, so if the TSA confiscated your cosmetic bag, which three beauty products would you miss the most?

KJ: My bronzer, cause you always gotta have a glow, gotta look nice. Chapstick, because I hate being dry on a plane, and mascara, or a good concealer. I'll go concealer.

HB: Which kind of bronzer do you use?

KJ: A little Chanel palette it's the creamy one, on top of that I use an Estee Lauder bronze goddess powder.

HB: What's the best beauty tip you've learned on-set?

KJ: On-set if you can get away with a little bit of contour like I was just saying, that helps with making you look healthier, and brighter. Just drink a lot of water.

HB: I like your [snake hoop] earrings. Do you know what brand they are?

KJ: No, my stylist brought out a big tray of jewelry, and I was like I like these and these.

HB: Your stylist is Marni [Senofonte], right?

HB: Yeah, Marni.

HB: How do you guys like to collaborate together?

KJ: It's super collaborative; she pulls a bunch of stuff, and we get together, and I pick all of the stuff I really like, and we'll throw things together, and it's really. If I could say 50-50 it's pretty, it's very collaborative.

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