It Finally Happened: Miley Cyrus Just Got '80s Princess Diana Hair

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Photo credit: Presley Ann - Getty Images
Photo credit: Presley Ann - Getty Images

When Miley Cyrus seemed to trade in her iconic mullet for a messy topknot the other day, I began to fear the worst: that her incredible contributions to my hair inspo bank were about to dry up. That she'd turned her back on the mullet community. That she was trading in edge for cheug.

After all, how would I live without waking up, checking my phone, and seeing that MC had chopped in yet another bowl cut, or Jamie Oliveresque mid-to-late 2000s hairstyle? What would life be like without an inexplicable mohawk on SNL? To quote LeAnn Rimes - how could I ever, ever survive?

You might remember that Miley began her forays into edgier looks with a blonde pixie crop back in her We Can't Stop days, before shaking things up last Spring with a Hershberger style mullet, chopped in by Miley's own mum (and relentlessly compared to Joe Exotic's hair, despite the look actually having significant meaning to Miley's new album).

Anyway, not to fear - Miley hasn't done away with the 80s throwbacks just yet - in fact, IMO, she's just upped the game. Miles posted a picture to Instagram Stories last night in a red lingerie set (casual) showing off what looks like a brand new hairstyle, which looks suspiciously like the mullet-mushroom hybrid cut that off-Duty Diana herself once sported.

I mean, can you blame Miley for succumbing to temptation? Diana obsessions have reached a fever pitch lately, and while Miley didn't specifically cite Lady Di as her inspo, we're seeing some serious resemblance.

For context, here's a picture of Princess Diana at her most mullet-y:

Photo credit: Anwar Hussein - Getty Images
Photo credit: Anwar Hussein - Getty Images

...aaaand here's Miley Cyus's latest hair:

Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Is this the start of the return of the mushroom-mullet? Because I am really, truly, utterly and devotedly HERE for that.

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