Final Fantasy 16 demo focuses on Clive’s teenage years

 Final Fantasy 16
Final Fantasy 16

Final Fantasy 16's demo focuses on protagonist Clive's earlier years, making up the impending JRPG's earliest gameplay segment.

That comes from producer Naoki Yoshida, who revealed some titbits about the demo at a recent press event. The Final Fantasy 16 teaser captures the start of the game and lasts several hours, and over that time, you'll see a teenage Clive go through major life events that shape the narrative of the rest of the game.

We've played the helping of gameplay that will make up the demo and more, which you can read more about in our Final Fantasy 16 preview. The short of it is that we saw little that surprised us regarding narrative, but swiftly became wrapped up in the spectacle and action the adventure promises. It looks like a good time, and we're all in.

Square Enix has yet to reveal when the demo will be available for download, though it has said it'll be roughly two weeks before the June 22 release date. Better yet, you can carry your progress over to the main game should you decide to buy in. Essentially, then, you'll get to play the first few hours of Final Fantasy 16 before weighing up if you fancy putting your money down to continue the adventure.

The hype has been building for the next Final Fantasy game as the release draws near. It had been gathering momentum steadily, though a State of Play showcase from earlier in the year gave it a shot in the arm, as you can see from the influence on pre-order sales.

Final Fantasy 16's voice actor for Clive nearly skipped his first audition, and it's probably a good thing he didn't.