All Fiat 500 models discontinued in North America

Fiat 500 models are being discontinued in North America

As first reported by Autoblog this weekend, all versions of the Fiat 500 have been discontinued in North America; existing 2019 stock will be sold off through 2020.

On Sunday, Autoblog reported that despite the Fiat 500 leading the brand's sales this year, the model (both the hatchback and convertible versions) has been discontinued in North America.

2019 edition vehicles of the compact, two-door city car remaining in stock at dealerships across the continent will continue to be sold off throughout 2020 until none remain.

Without the iconic Fiat 500, the brand's North American portfolio will consist of the Fiat 500x crossover, 124 Spider convertible sports car, and 500L four-door hatchback -- a series of models more tailored to the SUV-crossover market thriving in the US and Canada.

As stock of the unit is limited, North American customers interested in the model should check their nearest dealership before they run out.