A few tips to help you in maintaining your gadgets

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A few tips to help you in maintaining your gadgets
A few tips to help you in maintaining your gadgets

22 Sep 2021: A few tips to help you in maintaining your gadgets

On average, we probably spend more than half of our time on gadgets on a daily basis. In fact, our day starts with checking our mobile phones right within 15 minutes of waking up. So, it is obvious that these gadgets are prone to damage and you should properly take care of them. Here, we suggest some tips to help you in this endeavor.

Number 1: This is how you should take care of your smartphones

You may be cleaning your smartphone, but what about its case? Take it off regularly and wipe it with a microfiber cloth only. To ensure your phone lasts longer, use Wi-Fi during most times and delete apps that aren't used regularly. Always charge your phone before its hits a low battery level and also avoid overcharging. Try to maintain a low brightness level.

Number 2: Ways to clean the sponges on your earphones, earbuds, headphones

Next are your earphones. Their sponges accumulate dust, dirt, and sweat from your ears. Clean using isopropyl alcohol and then dry the sponges before reusing them. For earbuds and headphones, pull out the dust using compressed air. To ensure your Bluetooth speaker is in good condition, keep it fully charged and close to the connected device. Its cleaning process is the same as earphones/headphones.

Number 3: Maintenance tips for gadgets like consoles, smart speakers, fitness trackers

Gaming consoles should be wiped regularly using a fine cloth. To suck out dust and dirt from the inside, use compressed air. Fitness trackers, our new besties now, can be cleaned with a little vinegar and a cloth. Rubbing alcohol can also be used. For keeping Google Home, Amazon Echo, and other smart speakers clean, avoid cleansers as moisture can damage these devices easily.

Tips: A few pointers you should keep in mind

A study revealed that gadgets that are used regularly carry more microorganisms than your toilet seats and bathrooms! Especially mobiles, since we take them to every place, wherever we go. So, disinfect them before you hit the bed. Use 90% isopropyl rubbing alcohol once a week to clean all your gadgets and avoid exposing them to warm temperatures. Also, don't use them while cooking.

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