A few tips to help you take better selfies

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A few tips to help you take better selfies
A few tips to help you take better selfies

28 Sep 2021: A few tips to help you take better selfies

Selfies have become an integral part of our lives these days, with even smartphone manufacturers bringing up changes to make the front camera a better one in every new device. To mark its importance, National Selfie Day is celebrated globally on June 21 every year. So, before next year's National Selfie Day, if you wish to up your game, follow these tips listed ahead.

Tips #1: The time and light make all the difference

Selfie images are different from those clicked using rear cameras of mobile phones. During the night, selfies are not a good idea, unless your phone has a great night vision quality front camera. It is better to take selfies at dawn, dusk, or on a sunny day. The time just before rainfall in the morning is also an excellent setting for a selfie.

Tips #2: For indoor selfies, light should be behind your phone

Hold your phone at a 45-degree angle and chin down a bit. While taking selfies, keep the phone in an elevated position, ensure your arm is at an angle slightly more than 90 degrees, and avoid keeping a long distance between the face and lens. For indoor selfies, ensure the light source is behind your phone. Also, take as many selfies as you can.

Tips #3: Smile and look at the lens while clicking

The common mistake we do while clicking a selfie is not looking at the lens. We usually look at our faces. Avoid this the next time. Stare at the lens but do not give a stiff look. For any kind of selfie, please smile naturally, all teeth out. If you want to know the difference, click a photo with pursed lips and then compare.

Tips #4: Other tips to make your selfie prettier

-Smartphone manufacturers nowadays are working on making front cameras better, but if you have a device whose rear camera is sturdier, take the help of a mirror for clicking selfies. -For selfies during traveling, pretend you are looking at something at a distance. -When the background is dark, use two flashes for selfies. -Tripod with a remote control helps for group or wide selfies.

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