Few tips to choose the right intimate care products

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Few tips to choose the right intimate care products
Few tips to choose the right intimate care products

09 Sep 2021: Few tips to choose the right intimate care products

Keeping your intimate areas clean is part of good genital hygiene as such areas are sensitive and prone to infections if not taken care of properly. From cleansers, wipes, and douches, feminine intimate hygiene products are of many varieties and it can get confusing to choose the right one. Here are some points to consider while buying a female hygiene product.

Antiseptics: Antiseptics destroy lactobacilli in intimate area, buy one without these

Lactobacilli present in the intimate area maintain genital health and inhibit the growth of other harmful bacteria by maintaining the acidic environment around the vagina. However, intimate hygiene products that contain antiseptics can destroy the lactobacilli and create an imbalance in the vaginal flora. Always check the label of the product and buy the one that does not have any antiseptic in it.

Scented products: Avoid chemicals, do not buy scented vaginal washes

The idea of fresh and scented washes for your intimate areas can be tempting but it is a detrimental choice because scents in these specific hygiene products are imparted by harmful chemicals. Chemicals can also cause skin irritation and allergy around your genitals. Always choose a scent-free product for your intimate areas and if you have to, go for a mildly scented one.

pH: Your intimate wash should have the right pH value

The intimate area has a pH that is slightly more acidic than that of the rest of the body. Not just that, the pH of the vagina is pretty different from the other neighboring parts such as the vulva. For daily use, buy an intimate wash or wipe that is specifically formulated for intimate areas and has with pH between 4.5 and 7.

Caprylic compounds: For hydration, choose products that contain caprylic/capric glycerides

Caprylic compounds hydrate the skin and replenish it of its lost moisture. For this purpose, it is always advised to choose a vaginal wash that contains caprylic/capric glycerides. To combat vaginal dryness around the genitals, make sure that your wash also has glycerine in addition to caprylic compounds. Glycerine also helps to lock in the moisture and hydrate the vagina.

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