A few home remedies that can relieve cold in children

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A few home remedies that can relieve cold in children
A few home remedies that can relieve cold in children

19 Sep 2021: A few home remedies that can relieve cold in children

Although cold and cough may not be life-threatening, they are bothersome. Common symptoms include sneezing, congestion, sore throat, and irritability, among others. Children can easily catch a cold, which might lead to fever or any other illnesses. Hence, it's best to cure cold and cough right when they start. For children, instead of giving medications, use these home remedies to make them feel better.

Turmeric, garlic, 'ghee': These kitchen ingredients serve as effective remedies for cold

A glass of warm milk mixed with 1tsp of turmeric is one remedy that works for several issues, including cold. Ensure your child has this every night. Garlic cloves sauteed in ghee and consumed warm are another effective remedy. Many aren't aware that carrot juice helps the body fight against cold. It's also safe for kids. A bowl of hot soup is excellent, too.

Drink: Make your child have this miraculous drink

Boil 1 liter of water with 7-8 Tulsi leaves, a small ginger piece, some garlic cloves, 1 teaspoon of turmeric, carom seeds, fenugreek seeds, and 4-5 black peppercorns. Let your child drink this daily in the morning. You can also give your tiny tot Tulsi water multiple times. Make your child gargle licorice decoction or lukewarm water with rock salt for treating sore throat.

Fruits: Steam vapor and fruits also bring relief from cold

Inhaling steam is a known remedy for cold and works for children and adults. You can add eucalyptus leaves for better results, but make sure the container is not too close to your child's face. Honey has several properties that are beneficial for our body and it can help soothe the throat. Fruits like kiwis, lemon, pineapple, amla, etc. also help alleviate cold.

Precautions: Tips to help you and your child stay safe, healthy

-Most cases of cold are seen during the period when weather changes, so take precautions beforehand to prevent the onset. -Keep your surroundings clean and hygienic all the time. -Ensure that your child is hydrated. -Removing mucus from airways using a sterilized suction tube in infants is recommended. -Bathing twice daily removes harmful microorganisms. Also, encourage your child to do yoga for better health.

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