A few healthy food items that you can eat outside

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A few healthy food items that you can eat outside
A few healthy food items that you can eat outside

26 Sep 2021: A few healthy food items that you can eat outside

"Don't eat food outside!" This is an oft-repeated instruction or order you hear from your parents and grandparents as they think every food item outside is made in an unhygienic way. But don't worry, there are a few healthy food items that you can always opt for outside your home. They might add on calories, but these provide enough nutrition to your body.

Bread: Healthy outside bread items: 'Pav bhaji', falafel salad bowl

Pav bhaji is a famous snack item. Opt for pav made of whole wheat that is lightly toasted with butter before serving. Meanwhile, the bhaji, a vegetable curry, is healthy. You may also add some butter and chopped onion to it. This combination is quite healthy. Another healthy outside food is the falafel salad bowl comprising falafel, cucumber, tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice, etc.

Flour-based items: Pizza and sandwich can be good, too, but T&C apply

Pizza can be healthy if the base is made of whole grain or organic flour. You can also customize the toppings with baby corn, tomato, capsicum, onions, jalapenos, broccoli, and olives. Strictly avoid extra cheese. The same goes for sandwiches. Go for whole grain or multi-grain bread. Also, using vegetables and sprouts as the filling is healthy for you.

Juice items: You can go for smoothies and juices, but sans sugar/ice-cream

Your favorite sodas like Pepsi or Coca-Cola and alcohol-containing drinks are unhealthy. Instead, you can opt for fresh juices and milkshakes made of fruits. It is wise to choose seasonal fruits while ordering them and also ask not to add sugar or ice cream, which add extra calories. A fruit smoothie bowl made with fruits and yogurt is another good choice.

Choices: Other outside food items that are healthy for your body

Order food items rich in protein and other nutrients like salad, soups, vegetable wraps, etc., in a restaurant. Also, whole wheat pasta is a fiber-containing food that you could easily eat outside. Never hesitate to have non-vegetarian food. Turkey chili, chicken kebabs, ginger chicken, prawns, etc. are healthier options. Always opt for freshly cooked food and for desserts, go for dry fruit-containing items.

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