Feng Xiaogang slams accusations about tax evasion

13 Sep – Chinese director Feng Xiaogang has recently slammed the media and netizens for spreading rumours about him being the next in line to be investigated for tax evasion.

As reported on Epoch Times, Feng's statement came following rumours that Feng may also be involved in similar wrongdoing due to his involvement in Fan Bingbing's movie project "Cell Phone 2".

It is noted that TV anchor Cui Yongyuan previously accused someone of signing the 'yin yang contract' for the said movie.

In a statement released on his official Weibo account, Feng dismissed the rumours as being false and malicious.

"To all the people deliberately starting false rumours and distorting the truth against me, you are not just mad, but also have gone to defy the law which works to protect citizens and their reputation. Do not use the film industry as a punching bag, this is very despicable," he wrote.

Feng stressed that his company pays several hundred million in taxes every year, and that he himself never failed to pay his personal income tax.

(Photo Source: Epoch Times)