Felicity Jones: 'Headbands are the ultimate accessory'

Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones has named the humble headband as her ultimate fashion accessory.

The Aeronauts actress always looks glamorous whenever she steps out onto the red carpet, typically opting for dramatic gowns and chic suits.

But when it comes to her hair, Felicity can't go past a simple headband, such as Inca's Black Padded Velvet Alice Headband.

"Headbands are practical: They can hide your hair if you haven't washed it for a couple of days, which is always very useful. And they can dress up an outfit, if you're feeling that it needs a bit more of an edge. They're just kind of classic and timeless," she told New York Magazine's The Strategist. "If I have a black velvet headband or bow, I'm very happy. Occasionally, I'm partial to navy velvet, as well."

Felicity went on to note that she would love to own a dark green headband, but she is yet to discover the perfect one. Elsewhere in the chat, the star noted that she adores dresses by Simone Rocha and always keeps a stash of Cle de Peau Beaute's The Serum in her beauty kit.

"What I'll often do is use it with a facial roller; I put it on overnight and it really feels like it's deeply moisturising. I won't do that every night - sometimes I just use a moisturiser - but if I've been flying and my skin is particularly dehydrated, or if I'm staying in a hotel with lots of air conditioning, then I'll use this as a stronger overnight moisture treatment," the 36-year-old, who serves as an ambassador for the skincare brand, shared. "I can also use it on my eyebrows - you know when you brush eyebrows to get that slick, slightly catwalk-y look to them? I like to use it for that."

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