Felicity Jones doesn't enjoy working out in a gym

Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones prefers to exercise outdoors rather than be stuck in a gym.

The Theory of Everything actress grew up loving outdoor sports such as tennis and hockey and still prefers to get her fitness fix in the fresh air rather than in a gym.

"I'm not terribly good at being stuck in a gym. I prefer long walks and being outside and going for runs," she told Shape magazine. "I grew up very tomboyish, playing sports with my older brother. I loved hockey, field hockey, netball, and tennis. So, I think it's become an extension of having that experience of being in nature and not feeling daunted by a challenge."

The British star was recently challenged by having to learn silk climbing for a new film role. She originally thought it would be "terribly complicated" and was overjoyed when she managed to do it.

"I got an enormous satisfaction when I realised I could do it. I couldn't think about anything else because I was just thinking about survival, which is weirdly quite relaxing," the 36-year-old gushed.

Felicity doesn't abide by a diet, but she believes working out encourages her to focus on eating healthy.

"It's so connected to fitness: The more fitness you do, the more you have a better, healthier diet," she explained, before going on to describe the tomato-vegetable soup she makes. "I'll put in as many vegetables as possible to get a massive vitamin hit. When I'm shooting and the days are long, I try to have dried fruit and snacks like that to keep my energy up. And I think you have to treat yourself sometimes; otherwise, you'll go crazy."

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