‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Star Roxy Sternberg Doesn’t ‘Know What the Future’ Holds After Barnes Cliffhanger

Note: This story contains spoilers from “FBI: Most Wanted” Season 5, Episode 4.

Roxy Sternberg’s character Sheryll Barnes got some devastating news in Tuesday’s episode of “FBI: Most Wanted.” Her wife, Charlotte Gaines (Fedna Jacquet), whose job as a lawyer has taken her out of town for extended periods, broke the news that “I’ve met someone.”

The fate of their relationship was left up in the air by the time the credits rolled. “They don’t know what the future holds for them,” Sternberg told TheWrap in a recent interview.

The actress, who announced her second pregnancy on March 5 and is due on May 27, joked “there could be a delivery on set” of the CBS procedural as filming continues on Season 5. She spoke with TheWrap about finishing production before her maternity leave, welcoming Shantel VanSanten into the cast and more.

Fedna Jacquet and Roxy Sternberg on “FBI: Most Wanted”
Fedna Jacquet and Roxy Sternberg in “FBI: Most Wanted.” (Mark Schafer/CBS)

TheWrap: The last time you were pregnant, you worked up through your ninth month, are you going to work up until the last minute again?

Roxy Sternberg: I went right until the end [in 2022]. Actually, I think I took three weeks off beforehand. So this will be basically the same. But working a little bit closer to the due dates as we wrap on the 12th, I believe. There could be a delivery on set. (Laughs)

What will Barnes be doing when you’re on maternity leave?

I’m going to make it to the end, hopefully, this season. And come back maybe a little bit slightly behind [for next season].

So Barnes is definitely coming back?

She’s definitely coming back. (Smiles)

What’s going to happen with Charlotte and their children?

I don’t really know what the plan is, and I don’t really want to know. If I know what’s in store for them down the line, I’ll start getting carried away with it all. I just want to kind of take it step-by-step, which I think is also what they’re doing. They don’t know what the future holds for them.

Hollow episode of "FBI: Most Wanted"
Pictured (L-R): Keisha Castle-Hughes, Dylan McDermott, Edwin Hodge (in back), Shantel VanSanten and Roxy Sternberg in the “Hollow” episode of “FBI: Most Wanted” (CREDIT: Mark Schafer/CBS)

Barnes’ job is so demanding and she’s away so much, which on many shows means the spouse is left at home and asking, “Why aren’t you home more?” But this is a different dynamic.

Right, my wife’s equally as busy as me. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black, but also I feel like Barnes is obsessed with her work. She can take a little bit of timeout, but when Remy [Dylan McDermott] says, “Jump,” she says, “How high?”

I think Charlotte’s work needs that right now because she’s building herself up in her profession, whereas Barnes chooses it because she’s so obsessed and such a workaholic. And now their relationship is on the line.

When Barnes came back from maternity leave last time she felt a little sidelined by Remy after he took over the task force.

We are in a great space [now]. There’s a lovely scene that comes as a result of Charlotte having met someone else, where Remy and I have a nice moment. I’m really excited for everyone to see [that], having had that friction. There’s mutual respect, but we had to earn each other’s trust. A lot has happened since and we are good friends [now], that’s really nice to play as well.

Barnes now has new mom Nina (Shantel VanSanten) to sympathize with about juggling kids and careers as well.

Yes. She’s amazing. I really love playing with her on camera and off. We get on really well. There’s also vulnerable moments for her, leaning on the character’s shoulders. I think that’s really needed for these kinds of real human moments, as well as us being badass. It’s really important that we see those moments as well.

“FBI: Most Wanted” airs Tuesdays at 10 pm ET/PT on CBS and streams on Paramount+.

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