My favorite Google Stadia exclusive has been brought back from the dead, and I can't wait to replay it


Google Stadia may have said its goodbyes back in January, but the developer of one of its exclusive games is bringing it to other platforms - and I couldn't be more excited to replay it.

Developer Tequila Works released survival horror game Gylt for Google Stadia back in late 2019, and as a fan of all things mildly spooky, I had to give it a try. In Gylt, players take on the role of young girl Sally who, in search of her missing cousin, finds herself in a nightmare world that parallels the bullying her cousin suffered. Players will need to stealthily explore their surroundings, avoid monsters, and solve puzzles all with just a flashlight.

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I played Gylt back in 2020, and since Google Stadia was still in its early days I didn't always have the smoothest experience. The game often suffered with severe lag on the basic laptop I was using, so there were a lot of instances where the game was mostly unplayable and I had to restart it. That's why, when Tequila Works announced earlier this year that it was bringing Gylt to other platforms, I was so excited to experience the game again without all the interruptions and quality issues.

Regardless of the problems I had back then, I really enjoyed Gylt and found it genuinely terrifying at times (if you've explored the area with the mannequins, you'll get it). In fact, I'm not the only one that had a great time with Gylt, as back in 2019 we reviewed the former Stadia exclusive and called it "a modern gateway horror."

If I've convinced you to give Gylt a go, it's set to release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on July 6th, 2023. You can also wishlist the game via the PlayStation Store and Steam right now.

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