Our favorite fashion trends for fall 2017 (and how to wear them)

Sherisse' Woodley
Our favorite fashion trends for fall 2017 (and how to wear them)

Fall is finally here! This is our favorite time of year because of pumpkin everything, warm colors, and also, it’s one season away from winter (which means chic coats!). Yet, there are so many fall trends one can wear, and it can be challenging to figure out where, and how, to start executing them.

From power reds to faux fur, velvet, glitter, and that one shade of gray we’re seeing everywhere, it can be a bit overwhelming. And that’s just to name a few — our heads are already spinning on how to rock all of these trends. However, since we’re always up for a challenge, we picked out some of our favorite trends for this season, and included style boards to spark some inspiration on how to wear these trends.

Power Reds

Marsala, burgundy, candy-red — whatever shade you choose won’t be a mistake. We love marsala and burgundy. There’s something about that deep red that speaks to our soul. You can either go head-to-toe in your favorite shade of red or complement with it white, black, or gray. Just remember what we’ve learned from Victoria Beckham: Less is more.

Power Reds/Burgundy

Power Reds/Burgundy by sherissedwoodley featuring platform ankle booties

Winter Scarf

Winter Scarf by monazor featuring a cable-knit sweater

Anastazio-Winter Wedding

Anastazio-Winter Wedding by anastazio-kotsopoulos featuring a man bag

Faux Fur

Fall and winter are the time when we all take out our faux fur. Whether you want to be covered in faux fur or just have a little touch of it, there are many options. The beauty of fur is that it can be any color. Traditionally, you see shades of white, brown, and black, but don’t let the norm keep you from exploring different colors. You can wear it as a vest, coat, on your jacket’s trim, or have it as a cute pom-pom on your shoes. There are so many ways to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe — especially as you aim to keep warm.

Top Set 09/25-Wow Factor: Faux Fur (StreetStyle)

Top Set 09/25-Wow Factor: Faux Fur (StreetStyle) by elisabetta-negro featuring mens long sleeve shirts

Wow Factor: Faux Fur

Wow Factor: Faux Fur by svijetlana featuring Smashbox

City Gal

City Gal by ayiarundhati featuring a white tank top


If velvet makes you take pause, then this trend will get your attention. Because velvet is versatile. It doesn’t have to stop at just a shirt or pants. Designers are crafting velvet in all shapes, sizes, and silhouettes. Also, the beauty of this woven tufted fabric is that it can be altered to be any color. You can mix up the velvet trend with the power red trend by wearing a red velvet dress. Or you can pull out your favorite velvet trousers in an elegant gray (more on that later).

Velvet Dress

Velvet Dress by mahafromkailash featuring a shift dress


Velvet by vanjazivadinovic featuring a moisturizing lipstick

Velvet only

Velvet only by pensivepeacock featuring a boxwood topiary


There are so many different ways to wear this trend. Don’t limit yourself to a classic red pattern. Throw on a gray plaid trench coat over your slacks and blouse, wear a fun multi-colored pea coat, or change up your office wear with a plaid skirt and a white blouse. This season, there are no limitations on color. Plaid doesn’t have to be some elegant thing either; make it edgy with a biker jacket and some fierce booties.

Plaid Coats

Plaid Coats by ucetmal-1 featuring brogue shoes

Plaid Coats!

Plaid Coats! by blueberrylexie featuring nars cosmetics

plaid shirt

plaid shirt by svijetlana featuring a blue shoulder bag


Don’t wait until Christmas to bring out your favorite flashy clothes. This fall, metallics, silver, and sequins are in! Whether you’re bold enough to showcase it in every section of your closet or want to keep it simple with a single metallic skirt, this trend is in, and there’s no reason for you not to shine your brightest. Bonus: Don’t limit yourself to silver — try rose gold or a glossy green, and make this trend your statement piece.

Metallic Night Out

Metallic Night Out by sherissedwoodley featuring fitted tops

Sequin & Black

Sequin & Black by violet-peach featuring black flat shoes

sequins and feather

sequins and feather by polivorka-polivorochka featuring a blue sequin tank top


When we think gray, we think Olivia Pope. Though there are power reds this fall, gray can be just as powerful as red. It’s basically a synonym for boss lady — strong, yet chic. Pair this trend with a high-shine option by wearing a sequin skirt, like in the style board below. If you’re more on the girly side, add a pop of color; you can never go wrong with a cool gray or heather gray and blush pink. The beauty of gray is that it’s so versatile. You can dress it up or dress it down, and it’s nearly impossible to wear it wrong; it can mesh well with any color (black, green, white, to name a few you can keep an eye out for this season).

Tuesdays / Nina Ricci - Sequined Voile Skirt

Tuesdays / Nina Ricci – Sequined Voile Skirt by palmtreesandpompoms featuring Christian Dior

Gray Dreams

Gray Dreams by mahafromkailash featuring a cartier perfume

Pink & Gray Winter Style

Pink & Gray Winter Style by metter1 featuring pearl jewellery

Now excuse us while we get dressed up to go pick some pumpkins.