If Your Faves Reformation and Everlane Had a Fashion Baby, This Brand Would Be It

Amanda Randone
Photo credit: Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

In the glorious age of Instagram, with its endless bounty of shoppable content, trends are now driven by a see it, want it, got it kind of culture, making way for a special breed of staples at the forefront of our feeds and closets. Of-the-minute items like the covetable Everlane tote, sleek Veja kicks, and Cult Gaia’s click-bait bags are saturating our scrolls and landing at the top of our wishlists. That’s why, when I came across a new brand that somehow felt totally familiar, I realized I had stumbled upon some fashion gold.

LACAUSA (or La Causa) has elements of all of today’s most-beloved brands in the form of slip dresses, structured boiler suits, and everything in between. It has that effortless Everlane vibe (think minimalist wide-leg pants and button-down blouses) with all the romanticism of Reformation (patterned frocks and slinky fabrics galore!). I guess what I’m saying here is that if these two companies had a fashion baby, LACAUSA would be it—so prepare yourself (and your wallet) for something new to obsess over.

Let's get to know our new friend, shall we?

It has the *best* basics.

With an entire category dedicated to uniform dressing, LACAUSA has mastered the art of casual clothes that are desirably simple. It’ll be your go-to shopping spot for an all-around polished look, no matter the occasion.

While its crew-neck cuts and simple tanks are the stuff of a minimalist’s dreams, there are also subtly swirly patterns and deeper-cut décolletages to add a bit more personality to the essentials.

Shop these comfy staples:

It’s environmentally friendly.

Being a conscious consumer has seriously never looked this good. Companies like Everlane and Reformation have paved a more sustainable and transparent path towards the future of fashion, and LACAUSA is definitely following suit.

All these brands are committed to ensuring each item produced is made ethically in factories that provide fair wages and healthy, humane working conditions. They also aim for the core of their low-waste design and manufacturing process to be done locally in LA. LACAUSA also donates a portion of proceeds to a different humanitarian or environmental cause every season, you can totally feel good about your purchase for all kinds of reasons. (La Causa does mean "The Cause," after all.)

Celebs love it.

As much as I can sit here waxing poetic about what I’d like to consider my little sartorial discovery, LACAUSA has already amassed an impressive celeb following with style stars like Gigi Hadid, Miley Cyrus, and Emma Roberts legitimizing its laid back, California cool-girl aesthetic.

While Miley has been spotted everywhere from the city streets of LA to the cliffs of Utah in her Frank and Foster tees, Gigi has paired her silky, button-down Margot blouse with sweats, accessorizing the look with layered necklaces and chunky chains. Don’t worry, I’ll wait while you go add every single one of the aforementioned garments to your cart.

There are sooo many hidden gems.

In addition to its very on-trend selection of styles, LACAUSA has a few unexpected pieces that make the label uniquely its own. My personal fave is the boiler suit that makes for a kick-ass statement piece when worn as part of a well-executed ensemble. LACAUSA is also a resource for relaxed prairie-like dresses with a modest selection of accessories to boot.

Shop some cute, romantic pieces:

So, basically...

If you’re the kind of gal that knows her way around a Nordstrom sale and is always on the hunt for fresh style inspo, you’ll want to check out this crossbreed brand. While it’s certainly not cheap (dresses range from $80 to $250, while all pants are priced under $200), you will find high-quality basics that are kind to our planet and look really damn good. I do hope LACAUSA extends its sizing to be more inclusive, which is an unfortunate downside, but, until then, I’m excited to see all the pretty, romantic, yet minimal pieces they keep bringing to the table.

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