Fauziah Nawi: I wasn't trying to start a conflict!

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15 Sep – Veteran actress Fauziah Nawi recently dismissed the idea that she was inviting conflict after expressing her frustrations online on the issue of unvaccinated artistes and production crew going to work with the rest of them.

The actress, who clarified herself recently, stated that she had no intention at all of making an enemy out of anyone, only to express worry that the flexibility that the government has given could be taken away.

"I have no interest in other people's matter. It's their right if they don't want to get the [COVID-19] vaccine. But do not take the advantage of other people's hard work after the government gives more than a million artistes employment opportunities," she said.

Fauziah added that it was hard enough for production managers to get filming certificates and for the activists to make a plea so that the creative industry could be restarted, just for it to be destroyed by these few irresponsible people.

Fauziah: The approval given can be revoked anytime because of some irresponsible people
Fauziah: The approval given can be revoked anytime because of some irresponsible people

"So, I get so upset when there are a handful of actors and crew who don't want to take the vaccine, while the producers allow them to work. Worse, no one dares to voice this. Isn't it dangerous to allow individuals not to be vaccinated, to work? Don't be selfish, if you want to help a friend even, think of others. You have to get vaccinated, like it or not, if you want to work," she added.

The veteran star also admitted that it frustrates her to see these unvaccinated artistes showing off on social media, without thinking about those in the industry who have had it hard throughout the pandemic.

(Photo Source: Fauziah Nawi Instagram)

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