Fat discounts for skinny Singaporeans? Only at this Clementi Korean BBQ joint

The skinnier you are, the more you may save at a Korean BBQ eatery in Clementi with a novel promotional scheme.

Diners with a body mass index under 20 will get 15% off their meals while those between 20 and 25 will get 10% off, according to an announcement posted to an online community dedicated to all things food-related in Singapore.

Skinny customers at Seoulid Korean BBQ on Clementi Avenue 2 will have their weight and height measured and their BMI calculated before they can sit down to a discounted meal.

“Korean BBQ gives you discount if you are underweight!” the post read. The eatery, which opened in September, is known for affordable steamboat-BBQ dishes. Prices start from S$18.80 on weekdays and SS$22.80 on weekends.

Surprisingly for outrage-prone Singaporeans, no one has called out the restaurant for the promo’s questionable body politics.

A nearly two-minute video for the odd promotion shows a man taking off his shoes and standing on a scale before standing against a wall with a measuring tape to measure his height.

After keying the numbers into a calculator and determining that his BMI was 19 — skinny enough for that 15% off – he goes on to pick the various ingredients for his Korean BBQ.

As it turns out, there are heaps of skinny people in Singapore.

The video was shared more than 2,000 times, drawing cheers from people claiming to be underweight.

“OMG HAHAH I’m severely underweight so I assume this can be my go-to!” user Xaveir Yeung wrote.

Others poked fun at it.

“Damn… is this some nutrition program for malnourished kids?” a Soon Hao Jing wrote.



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