FastestVPN launches new Dedicated IP feature

 VPN world map
VPN world map

Popular VPN service provider, FastestVPN has just launched a new feature to offer its customers even more security and flexibility.

By paying a small additional monthly fee, users can now benefit from a Dedicated IP. This is a unique IP address specifically assigned to one subscriber only. This means that people can have the protection of a virtual private network (VPN) together with all the perks of a fixed IP.

Available for all the main operating systems, users can currently choose from two locations (United States and Russia). More country-dedicated IPs will also be available soon.

Why should you use a dedicated IP?

For those unfamiliar with VPNs, such software works by assigning a random IP address every time a user connects to one of its international servers. That's very good to protect users' anonymity, but it can also cause some issues.

First of all, different people will look as they browse from the same IP. This is great for security as ISPs won't be able to identify you, but you'll likely be submersed with CAPTCHA requests. These IPs are more vulnerable to get backlisted by websites, too. There are also some online services like banking that usually require a consistent IP address.

Getting a FastestVPN's Dedicated IP not only helps users to bypass these issues and improve their privacy online, but it also allows to deliver faster internet speeds and better performance overall.

New or existing subscribers will need to pay $1.49 extra each month to benefit from this service, choosing between a US or Russia-based IP. The provider promises to add new IP locations soon across other countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and Australia.

Screenshot of FastestVPN pricing on website (checked on September 11, 2023)
Screenshot of FastestVPN pricing on website (checked on September 11, 2023)

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Despite the name, FastestVPN's speeds cannot yet match those of the top fast VPN services out there. We nonetheless recorded improved performances during our last round of testing, with peaks reaching 730Mbps when using its WireGuard protocol.

FastestVPN isn't the best streaming VPN either. We managed to unlock the US and Japan Netflix libraries last time we checked, but failed with Australia, Canada, and the UK. It didn't unlock Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, or BBC iPlayer as well, but it granted us access to ITV and Channel 4 in the UK along with Australia’s 9Now and 10 Play.

Yet, the provider really shines in terms of pricing. At the time of writing, its new Lifetime Plan is set to a discounted price of just $40. Its monthly subscription is perhaps the cheapest we have seen on the market, $3 with no longer-term commitment. An ad-blocker, 24/7 chat support, P2P file support and a generous 10 devices allowance complete the FastestVPN offer.

Unfortunately our reviewers were still lamenting the lack of more advanced security features last time they checked the product. If you're after a more complete VPN experience including a Dedicated IP we recommend looking at NordVPN, Surfshark and Private Internet Access (PIA).