Fashion & Travel Influencer Mimoza Thaqi Does it All

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Mimoza Thaqi has been gracing the modeling industry ever since she dreamt of becoming a star. Starting at the humble age of 17, she has quickly risen through the ranks of stardom. Mimoza has also quickly attracted the attention of various sponsors. They have been closely working with her over the years. She also has her own established clothing brand titled MimozaLuxe. Her audience is growing daily with the influx of followers she gets on her Instagram page.

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Mimoza's modeling career has only been going forwards since she started. With brand deals growing day by day and her clothing line attracting a lot more attention, she has quickly cemented herself as a modeling icon, especially in the UK. Alongside this, Mimoza has a clear goal in mind. She wishes to empower women around the world by helping them discover their true passion in life. She hopes that her brand, MimozaLuxe helps women discover themselves and urges them to get out of their shells and explore themselves. Mimoza has completely revolutionized how a clothing line is branded by putting herself at the forefront of every photo and shoot. By being the literal model behind her brand, she exhumes an aura of confidence that remains unmatched.

Mimoza鈥檚 focus on her brand does not mean that her modeling career is any less impressive, however. With trademark deals from international brands like Boohoo, KatchMe, Loungeunderwear, Rebellious Fashion, Plt, Airinum, Hiddenfashion LyreFitness, Orphica Cosmetics, and Red Bull, her iconic fashion sense and grace when modeling has turned her into the best option for many prestigious brands worldwide.

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The model's strides in the industry do not just end there. With an interesting aesthetic reminiscent of nostalgic Pop Culture, her iconic fashion sense has helped her establish herself as a successful model globally. Her zeal and vigor when it comes to reflecting and trying to raise awareness on issues she deems important have won her the compassion of the crowd.

Mimoza has successfully helped many women in their pursuit of self-identity in her path to stardom in the fashion industry. By establishing her successful fashion brand, she has transpired her modeling career beyond the confines of her self. She has helped many fashion-forward women discover their ideologies when it comes to dressing themselves up.

Rest assured, Mimoza has a well-defined fashion sense, is frequently present on magazine covers, has a brand that resonates with many, and is socially aware of her surrounding, making her one of the biggest rising stars in the fashion industry.

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