This is what people are really wearing to work from home

Niki Bruce

As we move into the second - or third - month of global coronavirus lockdown, the novelty of working from home is starting to wane for all of us. For the creative and fashion-obsessed, life is really lacking the luster of getting all dressed up with somewhere to go. 

Which is why the whole world is joining the @wfhfits movement. The Instagram account launched just days ago and already has over 20k followers. Follow the hashtag #wfhfits, and you’ll get an eyeful of everything from funky pyjamas, to dogs doing the #pillowchallenge, celebs as bored as you are, and for some reason, lots of hats. 

Here in Asia, our creatives and fashion people, stuck at home like the rest of us, have chosen one of two paths… going glam, or choosing comfort. You probably won’t be surprised to discover that most of them chose comfort over going glam.


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Those who choose comfort...

(PHOTO: Pat Law)

"There is nothing more liberating than to be pitching in PJs without my bra and underwear." — Pat Law, marketing & branding guru, @patlaw

(PHOTO: Mahdhir Mustaffa)

“Because I can be super comfortable at home, yet I don’t want to be too slack about it. To meet in between, I choose to wear loads of slogan t-shirts for a bit of fun.” — Mahdhir Mustaffa, marketer, @mdir

(PHOTO: Kae Hana)

“I wear a ‘professional’ looking shirt on top with PJ bottoms! I'm forced to wear tops due to classes, otherwise, I wouldn’t even bother!” — Kae Hana, artist & lecturer, @kae_hana (pictured before partial lockdown)

(PHOTO: Jake Rong)

“I’m dressing up to feel human but keeping it lounge-y and comfort-orientated with clothing like fleeces, down jackets and hoodies.” — Jake Rong, fashion entrepreneur, @rongjake

(PHOTO: Priscilla Tan)

“Wearing stretch jeans is like wearing joggers at home. It's comfy and allows me to move around the home while feeling put together. I can add a jacket and head out for a supermarket run or do a work video chat with my clients feeling professional.” — Priscilla Tan, interior stylist, @styledbypt

(PHOTO: Josiah Chua)

“When I’m home I’m in my most comfortable clothes, if not, I dress to feel ‘at home’. So I’m either in my cotton singlets or seasoned cotton tees with my pair of comfy shorts. Once in awhile I get into my dry-fit tees and sports shorts if I’m taking a WFH workout break. If anything I would assume that most people will be in their most relaxed and natural work from home home-wear looks, although it depends on what comfort means to the individuals.” — Josiah Chua, fashion designer & stylist, @josiahchua 

(PHOTO: Stephanie Chua)

“Yoga wear! Stretchy, comfortable and a way to guilt-trip myself into working out. I workout first thing in the morning, then hit my laptop to start work at 9am and then shower during lunchtime, switching out to a tee and shorts. It sounds gross but it really energises you and has you looking forward to lunch and a nice shower; then you will feel refreshed enough to continue into the afternoon.” — Stephanie Chua, marketer, @juststephy

(PHOTO: Rohaizatul Azhar)

"I'm pretty casual anyway. So WFH means comfortable sweat shorts from Uniqlo and a solid coloured tee from Arket, which makes it perfect when I have to be on videos. But most times, when I have a video call, or I need to present something, I usually slip on one of my pullovers or sweaters to feel slightly dressed up and more professional looking. And, yes, I style my hair a little bit. Thank goodness I went for a haircut before this Circuit Breaker period, so it is relatively short and easy to maintain." — Rohaizatul Azhar, fashion writer & lecturer, @ryanstarr

(PHOTO: Saskia Fairfull)

“Being a freelancer and working from home is the norm for me, so not much has changed. Except that I’m on more video calls than ever before. I tend to opt for something colourful for the top and loose-fitting down below. I love lazing about in pyjama bottoms, they’re cozy, comfy and unconstricted around the waist. Oh and slippers, all day every day.” — Saskia Fairfull, @saskiafairfull

(PHOTO: Wee Teck)

“My WFH must-haves: T-shirt and shorts. Comfort is key during these extraordinary times. I have not shaved or cut my hair since the start of the Circuit Breaker; I tried to comb my hair but gave up. And now that it has been extended, I’m interested to see what this will morph into. My dog Rufus is around me so much he has become my fave WFH accessory.” — Wee Teck Yeoh, writer and editor, @weeteck

(PHOTO: Sandra Cameron)

“2020 ... The year of the house dress. I’ve been living in a house dress for the past few weeks, paired with earrings and a bright lipstick. I rotate different prints, colors, lengths based on how ‘formal’ the calls of the day are. Shoes are optional. Not planning on showing my feet on Zoom anytime soon. I feel I’m still me, I don’t look too dressed up or like I’m pretending life is normal at the moment. Today is pretty casual, I will be attending a webinar and having virtual drinks with friends later tonight. We’re lucky to have an outdoor space, so what you can’t see is the swimsuit underneath my dress.” — Sandra Cameron, PR Consultant & founder of Pardon My French, @bernadettelechat

(PHOTO: Marcus Lee)

“During the day I’m mostly between my desk writing and taking calls, and my bed, where I laze on my phone for 5-minute breaks. Comfort is key. Day to day I rotate between some version of the same outfit. Here, I’m in my fleecy JW hoodie that’s so warm I can only wear it indoors with the air conditioner on full blast, and Topman shorts I’ve had for more than five years. They make me feel so at home I could literally sleep in them… I have.” — Marcus Lee, fashion writer, @marcuzzzy

(PHOTO: Jana Todorovic)

“I’m always in almost invisible makeup and athleisure, even though before quarantine I would NEVER wear my gym clothes around the house!” — Jana Todorovic, fashion entrepreneur & artist, @suhu21

Those who go for a bit more glam…

(PHOTO: Nicole Wong)

“When dressing up for WFH is a mix of comfort and being presentable. But still keeping a positive attitude during this period.” — Nicole Wong, influencer & branding consultant, @ncwong

(PHOTO: Daen Ng)

“My go-to piece for my video calls is a nice jacket. I will just wear it over anything that I have on at that moment. The jacket will spruce up any look, and make the entire ‘outfit’ look more professional. And if you are wondering, shorts for sure since no one is going to see what I’m wearing underneath anyway.” — Daen Ng, fashion consultant, @daennhk (pictured before partial lockdown)

(PHOTO: Nafeesa Saini)

“On a typical workday in the office, I’m usually dressed in blazers, denim, or more formal pieces. But I’m now seizing this precious WFH opportunity to dress more comfortably and that means relaxed waistbands only. These days I wear linen shirts and sweatpants, or if I’m feeling dressier, I’ll throw on a loose dress. I’ve worn this [particular dress] so many times because it allows for maximum movement. I find that wearing jewellery at home helps me feel more like myself, as accessories are a part of my daily work wardrobe.” — Nafeesa Saini, fashion writer & editor, @nafingtonpost (pictured before partial lockdown)

(PHOTO: Nathaniel Ng)

“I've been just in boxers at home but I have a lot of clothes I've not worn, so I wear them to create content online to sell a bit of fantasy! Because nobody looks like that the whole day at home, especially in Singapore… ha, ha, ... it’s too hot!” — Nathaniel Ng, fashion designer & dancer, @wolfboynat

(PHOTO: Nellie Lim)

“Always make it a point to change out of your pyjamas so you can look forward to starting the day! :)” — Nellie Lim, influencer & content producer, @nellielim

(PHOTO: Chris Wang ZheBen)

“Clean-cut, black and white minimalist looks are my daily looks at work. The Earth is having a big battle now, so while praying for the front line helpers to stay safe, I’m keeping a positive mindset while working from home and staying connected. I’m trying not to forget how to dress up when I’m working from home - even a loose-fit set of pyjamas can look good if you pay attention to the details, with light and airy fabrics. They’re comfortable but stylish enough to enhance your mood. Of course, you should always take some time to fix your hair, and be a bit playful too! And don’t forget to add some accessories too for an added touch of style.” — Chris Wang ZheBen, manager of Sects Shop, @hippopobunz

(PHOTO: Aileen Lalor)

“Sophie Ellis-Bextor = WFH fashion inspo.” — Aileen Lalor, beauty writer & editor, @aileen.lalor

(PHOTO: Kenny Lim)

“It doesn’t matter where I am, I’m ‘street goth’ every day. I’m mostly wearing Depression, Rick Owens or Japanese brands like Julius and Nilos, because I want to feel like I’m really at work …” — Kenny Lim, founder Depression & Sects Shop, @kennydepression (pictured before partial lockdown)