Fashion creator explains why people should ‘just buy pretty things’ to improve personal style

Devon Rule (@devonrule) posted a video on Sept. 23 explaining that in order to build a personal style, people should follow the “just buy pretty things” theory.

“I feel like we’ve reached a point where we’re collectively talking, at least in my world, about personal style and wardrobe building in a way that actually keeps us trapped in a perpetual dissatisfaction with our closets,” she says in her post. “There will always be something to buy. The deeper you get and the more you learn, the more ‘gaps’ you discover. … The more you’ll just find pretty things that your little bird brain just wants to own.”

Many times, the timeless staples stylists recommend include fashionable flats, a pair of jeans and some type of white shirt that can be paired with multiple outfits.

While Rule agrees that buying timeless investment pieces to fill out a wardrobe can be helpful, she also argues that it creates a constant need to fill gaps in your wardrobe.

With this theory, Rule explains that there are certain mindset changes people have to undergo in order to understand it.

Shoppers need to believe that there’s always something to buy, one piece won’t ‘fix them’ and they have to start purchasing things that make them feel something. This way, they can construct a closet that is tailored to their wants and needs.

“Buy something because you want it and it makes you feel something, not because you need it to fill some imagined gap that you’re incomplete without,” she says in the post. “I have found that when I buy things that make me feel something, those are the things that I love and cherish.”

Rule’s approach to closet building does go against the grain for many other fashion influencers on TikTok.

TikToker and stylist Sarah (@styled_likethis) recently posted a video about which trends not to participate in because they might be a fad and not have longevity.

In the video, Sarah warns against items like Moto boots, long jean skirts, oversized biker jackets and low-rise jeans. However, several people in the comments liked some of the pieces Sarah said not to get.

“Moto boots are timeless,” replied @maincharacter29.

“Classic motorcycle jackets have never and will never go out of style,” commented @queen.cornbread.

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