Fans Think Taylor Swift Couldn't Stop Looking at Travis Kelce While Performing "Lover"

taylor swift  the eras tour buenos aires, argentina
Tay Couldn't Stop Looking at Trav During "Lover"Marcelo Endelli/TAS23 - Getty Images

Hi, another cute video from Taylor Swift's instantly HISTORIC show in Argentina has been unearthed—and this one involves her singing "Lover" while staring (at least according to fans in the comments of this TikTok) right in Travis Kelce's direction. As one person put it? "HER LOOKING AT HIM OMG."

As we're all well aware due to having "Karma is the guy on the Chiefs" running through our heads on a loop all weekend, Travis showed up to watch Taylor perform on Saturday night, and they pretty much had no chill when it came to their mutual obsession.

Not only did Taylor end her show and then run straight into Travis' arms for a giant and very public kiss:

Taylor shouted him out in the lyrics to "Karma:"

And his reaction was too adorable. Like, truly embarassed to admit how many times I've watched it.

Anyway, Travis is back in the United States now, but it looks like Taylor Swift has a couple months off from her tour in just a few weeks, so expect her and Travis to have a cute reunion sometime in early December! After all, they have the whole long distance thing PLANNED according to an Us Weekly source, who said “Travis and Taylor are a very real couple, they actually spend a lot of one-on-one time together and have developed a very real connection. They have very detailed plans coming up on how to stay together while she’s on tour and he has games.”

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