Fans show support for 'Single's Inferno' star Ji-a on TikTok with trend showing off fake designer products

Song Ji-a, an influencer who recently starred in the Netflix hit Korean reality show “Single’s Inferno,” posted an apology online following backlash she received for toting around counterfeit designer goods; however on TikTok, it seems that fans have stuck by her side in a trend that has them showing off their own fake products in response to her “cancellation.”

TikToker @milktea.meg posted a video last week showcasing a pair of her fake designer boots that would have been originally priced at over $500 if genuine.

“When Ji-a gets canceled and suddenly you don’t feel bad owning $55 Chloe boots,” the text overlay reads, with Jungkook from BTS’ “Still With You” playing in the background.

The video has over 3.3 million views as of this writing, with many viewers expressing support for Song in the comments.

“She did that and still pulled half of them” the most-liked comment reads, in reference to her popularity among the male contestants on dating reality show “Single’s Inferno.”

Some other top comments include: “She literally ate the sentence of ‘it’s not about brands, it’s about how you carry and slay it,’” and “Literally idc (I don’t care) if she buys counterfeit Dior, they don’t need the money, let my girl Ji-a live.”

Several other similar videos have since emerged and gone viral, with users expressing the same sentiment and showcasing a variety of fake designer products, including “Chanel” and “Prada” hair clips, “Versace” heels and a “Dior” cropped shirt.

Following the controversy, Ji-a removed most of her content on both her Instagram account and YouTube channel except for the handwritten apology and video addressing the matter.

Featured Image via @p2yiko (left), @milktea.meg (right)

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