Fans Rush to Defend Erin Napier After Her Recent Christmas Post

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Fans Rush to Defend Erin Napier's Recent PostNBC - Getty Images

For some, the natural progression after putting away your Halloween decorations is to begin accessorizing your house for Thanksgiving—or even skipping straight ahead to Christmas or Hanukkah. However, Home Town star Erin Napier recently received criticism for sharing an Instagram post with photos of Christmas decorations on November 3.

Napier's Instagram post was less about the photos themselves and more about the caption. In it, she takes the reader back to a nostalgic holiday season—for her, this means back to her mother's house, making pomanders as scents of citrus and clove fill the air. Near the end of her caption, she introduces her candle company's, Scent Library, special edition holiday scent, featuring the fragrance notes she associates with her childhood Christmases. Despite her caption about her mother's house and the blurry photos, some believed that Napier and her family had already put their Christmas decorations up for the year.

"Do you have your tree up???Or, is that from a previous year?!🎄" asked one commenter, to which Napier replied that these are photos from her "mama's house over the years." Another shared a more controversial opinion: "I've heard that it's disrespectful to veterans to put up Christmas decorations before Veterans Day." Though this is a hot debate among people in both the United States and Canada, Napier quickly clarified when the photos were taken. "These are old photos of my parents house," she wrote.

Several fans of the best selling author quickly replied back to the original commenter that honoring veterans and celebrating Christmas are not mutually exclusive. "I think it’s fine if you don’t decorate till after. But it certainly doesn’t take away from our vets," one person wrote. "So many things to celebrate between now and the new year, we can all celebrate as we see fit."

It's not surprising as to why this is a touchy matter, and a lot of people do actually agree that decorating before November 11, which is Veterans Day, is disrespectful. However, no matter one's personal beliefs, we think we can all agree that Erin Napier has not disrespected anyone in posting these photos.

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