Fans Are Furious With Martha Stewart For The 'Disrespectful' Cocktail She Made On Vacation

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Fans Are Furious At Martha StewartBravo - Getty Images

Earlier this week, Martha Stewart took to Instagram with what she thought was an innocent happy hour 'gram while traveling from Iceland to Greenland aboard a Swan Hellenic cruise. "We actually captured a small iceberg for our cocktails tonight," she wrote, alongside a slideshow of photos from the excursion.

However, fans weren't quite as thrilled over the iceberg cocktail as Martha herself. In fact, many called out the television personality for "disturbing" the glaciers.

"Martha the ice caps are melting don’t put them in your drink," one user wrote.

"Martha I love ya. But weren’t you just talking about climate change with your wash out on your driveway in NY?" wrote another user. "Melting icebergs for a cocktail surely won’t help. I’m not even going to talk about the boat you’re on and how that can’t be good for climate change either."

Several supporters came to Stewart's defense, though. "It's not like she's 'shrinking' the glaciers 😂," one person wrote. "They melt during summer. This block of ice would be water tomorrow anyways 🤣."

Others simply joined the conversation with jokes. "If you can’t find fresh icebergs for your cocktails store bought is fine," they added.

Comments were eventually disabled on the Instagram post.

Stewart's slideshow of photos included an up-close and personal look on the glacier expedition, which included snaps of the icebergs in their natural well as on a bar cart. Though Swan Hellenic did not respond to Delish's request for comment by the time of publication, the company website says that it adheres to "sustainability policies" dictated by local authorities.

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