Fans Flood Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet's Comments With Theories They're Taking Each Others Pics

kylie jenner and timothee chalamet
Fans Think Timothée Is Kylie's IG Photog 📷Getty Images

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet appear to be either (1) on a fancy European vacation together, or (2) on two fancy European vacations apart from each other. Either way, they're both out here taking aesthetic mood pics of themselves strolling through country lanes, causing fans to flood their Instagram comments with theories that they're having a romantic getaway.

Exhibit (A) Timmy's Instagram Post

No, not the one where he's making seductive eye-contact with us through the camera while he frolics in a pond. Although, there are theories about that, too:

Actually, we're referring to the below group of pics—which, yes, includes people (hi, Greta Gerwig!) who are not Kylie Jenner. But still, fans think Kylie took some of the pictures—specifically the ones of Timmy looking dreamy in a garden...keep swiping.

Comments on the post include "ayeee who taking these pics ma boy" and "I stg Timmy if I find out Kylie took this" and "Is that the same place as in Kylie's picnic spot?"

Which brings us to....

Exhibit (B) Kylie's Instagram Post

You'll have to click into Kylie's Instagram directly to see the action, but the photos in question involve her on a picturesque picnic in the countryside. And fans are absolutely speculating up a storm in the comments, with musings like "croissants are french...and you know who else is..." not to mention just a ton of "did Timmy these??" and "Timmy behind the camera."

A couple things to note before we go: Kylie's entire family appears to be coming off a fancy vacation in Italy—and these photos could definitely have been taken in the countryside. I mean, check out Khloé Kardashian's post:

And on top of that, Kylie made it clear with another post that she went on a friend trip for her 26th birthday, which also looks ~very European~. Of course, she could have met up with Timmy sometime between these other trips, so go ahead and keep theorizing if that's your thing!

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