Fans enraged Zhejiang TV wants to buy Godfrey Gao's last series

18 Dec – Netizens were enraged over rumours that Zhejiang TV has plans to buy the broadcasting right to Godfrey Gao's last TV drama, "We Are All Alone".

As reported on Epoch Times, sources recently claimed that the broadcaster has recently sent its people to participate in the bidding - hoping to buy it at a high price in an attempt to express their apology towards the Gao family for the tragedy that has befallen the actor.

It is noted that Godfrey passed away last November after collapsing on the set of the reality show, "Chase Me", which was produced by Zhejiang TV.

Following the rumours, Godfrey's fans immediately flooded the social media account of the series' producer to express their protests and urging the studio not to sell the rights to the said broadcaster.

The producer had since responded to the backlash, assuring that no such decision has been made.

"We Are All Alone" is a modern drama starring Godfrey and "Story of Yanxi Palace" actress Qin Lan. In it, the actor plays the role of an elite lawyer named Mu Bai.

Qin, who was asked about the said series recently, shared that filming has already completed and expressed sadly she had the chance to meet the actor three days before his untimely death.

(Photo Source: Sohu)