Fans Are Divided Over Shania Twain’s Cher Costume

Fans Are Divided Over Shania Twain’s Cher Costume

Shania Twain is delivering look after look for her Queen of Me tour. The 58-year-old singer has worn sky-high boots with a bodysuit and a see-through dress at different stops. For her performance on Halloween, Shania stepped on stage dressed as Cher—donning a long black-haired wig, white platform boots, and fishnet tights—and fans were torn over the look.

In the Instagram post, Shania shared a gallery of photos showcasing her performance in Milwaukee on Halloween. Shania wore a black sequin varsity jacket, a mini skirt, and platform white boots—which didn’t stop her from doing her signature high kicks on stage.

She captioned the post, “Do you think the @bucks would have me as a cheerleader after I put together this little Halloween wardrobe in Milwaukee?! The wig was quite @cher circa 1965 which is maybe not practical but I still got my high kicks in! Awesome to see all your costumes this Halloween now on to Omaha—see you tonight! 🥳”

Shania's Instagram followers had a lot to say about the singer’s performance and costume—both good and bad. One person commented, “Where did the classy Shania go? Did you change stylists? I miss the old you.” Another wrote, “She doesn’t need to be doing these high kicks!!! We don’t want her to be a cheerleader, just classy Shania!!!”

While some people were underwhelmed by Shania's Cher-inspired outfit and her high kicks, others flooded Shania's comment section with compliments and admiration for the singer’s costume and talent. One fan wrote, “Your outfit is truly amazing, and the high kicks definitely enhance it and the experience for your fans. Your on-stage performance is truly something that is very unique to you and makes you who you are! Excellent choice of an outfit for the show!” Another commented, “Obsessed with this outfit ahh so stunning ❤️❤️❤️.” Another fan wrote, “Love the vibe and those boots🙌🙌.”

The singer is no stranger to making a statement on stage. She’s received some backlash from unenthused fans who disliked her style for this tour. One person commented, “I miss the late 90’s Shania. Enough with the wigs and crazy outfits 😶.” However, fans quickly shut down haters with praise for Shania’s amazing performances and outfits. One fan wrote, “Omg!!!! Best hair yet 😍😍😍😍😍.” Another commented, “Shania continues to amaze us every time how she gives a spectacular show. So many performances and still looks so good, hats off to her 🥰❤️.” Another wrote, “You’re OWNING that stage! 👑🔥.”

Whatever Shania chooses to wear, the singer is totally crushing it on stage and we cannot wait to see how the rest of her tour goes.

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