Fans Are Divided Over Lionel Messi's $50 Million Miami Mansion

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Inside Lionel Messi's "Futuristic" Miami MansionElsa - Getty Images

As Lionel Messi finds his footing with Inter Miami, one question remains: Where is the soccer legend going to live? If Messi's taste is anything like fellow superstar Lebron James, maybe he'll call an out-of-this world mega-mansion home?

Architect Jorge Luis Veliz recently posted pictures of a concept home he dreamt up for Messi, which has the internet buzzing. In true fandom fashion, Veliz’s project was largely inspired by the soccer star himself. “The Conceptual Architectural Project of the Messi Mansion in Miami is a work inspired by Lionel Messi’s brand logo with its iconic M shape clearly visible from an aerial view,” Veliz wrote on Instagram. “This majestic mansion consists of three levels and is located on an exclusive ship-shaped island, providing privacy and a privileged location.”

Of course, there’s more to this concept home than an excellent exterior. Veliz dreamt up amenities uniquely catered to Messi. A 20-car garage for his expansive collection? Check. A game room and home theater for his family? Check. A spiraled waterslide and pool for endless fun in the sun? Check. A yacht-filled pier for easy access? Check. And, as expected, there’s a soccer field for Messi to practice. When all is said and done, some think this project would cost a whopping $50 million. Wow.

While some of the internet is ready for Messi to move in ASAP, others think this extravagant home isn't a fit for Messi's real-estate portfolio. "Amazing but Messi not the type of guy to have his name front and center in his home," one person wrote. "He doesn’t strike me to be *this* flashy," another commented. A third kept their point simple: “He’s too humble for this tho."

However, the person we're really dying to hear from is Messi. The footballer has reportedly yet to find his Miami mansion. But don’t worry, we’ll update you when he does.

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