Fan theory suggests there's a 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Easter egg in 'Captain Marvel'

Hanna Flint
Is there another Guardians of the Galaxy Easter egg in Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel was, of course, going to have several links to the Marvel Cinematic Universe but there might have been one we missed.

That’s according to a Reddit user who believes that there might have been an extra Guardians of the Galaxy Easter egg in the Brie Larson-led superhero movie.

e moment in the film when Carol Danvers and a younger Monica Rambeau see a suggests that the shooting star Carol Danvers and the younger Monica Rambeau see in the sky could have actually been Yondu’s spaceship taking Peter Quill into space.

Peter AKA Star-Lord is taken by the Ravagers in 1988 and this moment in Captain Marvel, before Carol is herself abducted and taken to the Kree planet Hala, may well have occurred during that time period as she returns around six-seven years later between 1994-95.

The moment Peter Quill gets picked up in Guardians of the Galaxy 

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The character Monica is also listed as being played by actresses aged four and aged 11, so this theory certainly has legs though it is not canon… yet.

There will hopefully be more cross-overs between Captain Marvel and the Guardians in Phase 4 as the Marvel heroes are some of the few whose adventures naturally take them into space.

Even the comic series by Kelly Sue DeConnick, that first introduced Carol as Captain Marvel, had them interacting on a mission and Rocket the Raccoon had an especially funny storyline with Chewie the Flerken (who goes by Goose in the movie).

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It was recently confirmed that James Gunn had been rehired to direct the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie from a script he had already penned so fingers crossed we’ll see Captain Marvel pop up on the teams travel across time and space.

She and Rocket will next be seen in Avengers: Endgame which is released on April 25.

Captain Marvel is in cinemas now