Fan Bingbing is thinking about going on a no-sugar diet again

28 Feb – With not much to do since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, Chinese star Fan Bingbing is thinking about losing more weight by posting a video about the no-sugar diet.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress reposted an old video from a fan account on her official Weibo, where she spoke about trying out the no-sugar diet.

She captioned it, "I think it's time for me to start the no-sugar diet again!"

In the video, Fan revealed to her fans that she now weighs 53 kg after trying on the diet, which required her to refrain from eating all carbohydrates and food containing sugar, fructose, and caffeine.

"In the beginning, you would feel a little unaccustomed to it. Since there is a decrease in dopamine, it made me feel a bit moody. But it gets better over time," she said.

She also stated that she had since lost 4.5kg, and would like to continue until she is at 50kg.

Fans who saw the video didn't seem to think it would be a good idea for the actress to lose weight again considering her height and health, with some saying that she should maintain the current weight.

(Photo Source: Sina Cn)