Fan Bingbing to reunite with "Buddha Mountain" director Li Yu?

8 Jan – It looks like there is a possibility for a reunion project between Fan Bingbing and Chinese filmmaker Li Yu.

As reported on Sina, rumours of an upcoming collaboration first sparked after the actress was spotted sitting next to the director during a festival and chatting animatedly with each other.

When netizens saw the photos and suggested that the two work with one another again, Li responded that "[A cooperation] is in progress."

In a subsequent interview, Li shared that the two have already expressed intention to collaborate with each other, but that it is currently in the earliest stage.

"Fan and I are generally looking for a suitable script and the most exciting story. I usually make one film in two years. We want to have freedom in our creativity, rather than put too much pressure on ourselves," she said.

Fan and Li have worked together in various projects, including "Ever Since We Love" (2015), and "Double Xposure" (2012). However, it was their first collaboration, the 2010 "Buddha Mountain" that enabled Fan to win multiple Best Actress awards, including one from the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival.