Fan Bingbing leaves a short message to fans on Weibo

10 Oct – Fan Bingbing recently went on social media for the first time since her tax scandal to express her gratitude to fans.

As reported on Mingpao, the Chinese actress who had been missing in action since June following allegations of tax evasion, recently posted a short personal message on a discussion topic about her, which read, "I can feel how deeply you cared. I miss you guys!"

However, what's interesting about the post is that it did not appear on Fan's Weibo page, and can only be seen by her fans.

The post came a day after fiancé Li Chen posted a message on Weibo for the first time since the scandal, writing, "No matter how difficult it would be, let's go through it together."

It was last week that the Chinese authorities confirmed the investigation into Fan's finances, and revealed that she has been fined millions of yuan for evading her taxes.

Fan also released an official statement of apology following the news, saying that she regretted her actions and would try her best to pay her dues.

(Photo Source: Fan Bingbing Instagram)