Fan Bingbing, Feng Xiaogang to continue with "Cell Phone 2"?

26 Apr – Rumours are rife that Feng Xiaogang's previously halted project, "Cell Phone 2" will continue on as previously scheduled.

As reported on Epoch Times, the rumours sparked after Fan and Feng were spotted having a meal together in a restaurant, making it their first meeting in public since Fan's tax evasion scandal hit the fan.

An article has also claimed that Feng will not replace Fan in the said film, and that the movie will be released as scheduled. This comes after it was reported that Simon Kinberg - the director of the upcoming Hollywood spy flick "355" - has decided to stick with Fan despite her previous scandal.

Sources claimed Feng had no plans at all in replacing Fan when the scandal first broke in the middle of last year, as the two of them have been friends for a long time.

The studio reportedly may use the previous scandal as a way to promote the movie, since it would bring a lot of attention and further discussion from the public.

(Photo Source: DW News)

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