Famous Menbaka Fire Ramen now features jaw-dropping ‘Triple Fire Experience’ at The Centrepoint

Early this year, Menbaka Fire Ramen was the talk of the town thanks to its ‘fiery’ finishing touches— torching a bowl of ramen for the charred flavour. Now, the ramen restaurant has opened their newest outlet at The Centrepoint on Orchard Road and have also upped their fiery game by introducing a truly spectacular “Triple Fire Experience”, where ramen fans will get to witness their delicious meal being prepared before their very eyes.

Menbaka Fire Ramen - triple fire experience
Credit – Menbaka Fire Ramen

The Ultimate Fire Ramen (S$17.90/S$19.90) includes both the delicious Aburi pork belly and chashu bathed in Menbaka’s improved 228-years-old Shoyu Pork broth that has been simmered to perfection. Guests will enjoy the spectacle of chefs igniting negi oil to create a tall fire before pouring it over their signature broth, creating a smoky, rich broth that’s packed with flavour.

Menbaka Fire Ramen - salmon
Credit – Menbaka Fire Ramen

Pair your Ultimate Fire Ramen with the Salmon Batayaki (S$58.90). Prepare to be wowed at the sight of 700g of freshly-cut salmon wrapped around a bamboo pole, basted with flaming oil. It is then braised with a blended sauce comprising of sake, kirin, and shoyu before being topped with bonito flakes and a slice of lemon.

Menbaka Fire Ramen - skewers
Credit – Menbaka Fire Ramen

Along with its new outlet, Menbaka has also introduced its brand new kushiyaki concept, where meat and seafood skewers are prepared atop a charcoal grill. One can enjoy juicy charcoal-grilled mouth-watering skewers such as Pork Belly, Bacon with Enoki, Bacon with Shiitake, and Pork with Leek, available individually from S$2.90. Or you can opt for seafood skewers  such Ebi, Maguro, Salmon and Shishamo which are available from S$3.90.

Head on over to Menbaka Fire Ramen’s newest outlet for an amazing meal and a show in one. Just don’t go home with singed eyebrows!

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