Family, friends, celebs pay tribute to late Malaysian actress Emily Kong

Emily Kong. (Photo: Emily Kong Instagram)

It was reported that Malaysian actress Emily Kong was killed when she lost control of her car and crashed into a tree on Jalan Kuchai Lama in Kuala Lumpur at around 3.20am on Saturday (9 March). The 29-year-old who was also a singer and recorded covers on her YouTube channel, had acted in a few dramas Love Endures, My Surprise Girl and Get Hard.

An outpour of messages appeared on social media, with her husband leading the tribute.

Her husband Wong Wei Jing shared an emotional message on his Facebook page: “Yes, I’m a wood block person, I don’t know how to express my love for you. Today I want the world to know my sincerity and commitment to you. It was such an honour to be your husband. In life you were a Christian role model. I really underestimated you and thought you were a simple-minded girl. I later found out I had married a remarkable angel. I want to share my joy with you. You must be watching through Jesus’ television.

You can rest assured today; I did not tease you or make fun of you. What I said were words from my heart. If you don’t believe me, then dig my heart out to see. Haha, you were very cute, gentle, silly, stubborn. You would think you were right when you were wrong. Haha, couldn’t help criticising you.”


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(Photo: Wong WeiJing Facebook)

A friend of Kong, Ariel Deborah Han, shared this message on her Instagram: “Everything that happened today, I hope it is a dream… When I received the news in the morning, I couldn’t believe it… I was so heavy… . Thank you for appearing in my life. Your love for the Lord illuminates the lives of many people. Sweet and kind you will live forever in our hearts. Still want to see you again 😭 Missing you a lot…”

Actress Sarah Lian spoke about her singing talent and was looking forward to supporting her launch event. “Dear Emily, I saw you just this week telling you that I would definitely come out when you launched your single and support your singing career. You were so talented and it was always such a joy to see you. You will forever be etched in my memory as a sweet angel who’s now looking from up above. May you rest in peace.”

Sarah Lian. (Photo: Sarah Lian Instagram)
Sarah Lian. (Photo: Sarah Lian Instagram)

Indie filmmaker Edmund Yeo had never had the chance to work with the actress but he remembered her fondly.

“I first met Emily two years ago at a dinner with mutual friends. Although I’ve probably met her a few times since then, including drinks at my nearby Hainan Kopitiam place (where her face is looped countless times on the cafe TV screens because of the ads and music videos she did for Hainan), I remember remarking that seeing her in the Hainan Kopitiam felt like hanging out with Ronald McDonald in a McDonald’s.

“The last time I met her was more than two weeks ago at the Chinese Film Association of Malaysia annual dinner. We were laughing at the fact that I missed the Miffest press conference a few hours earlier (went to the wrong hotel), and that she was forced to sit next to an empty seat with my name written on it. She then walked towards the CFAM logo, smiled and posed for photos, and disappeared amidst the flashing lights of camera. That is how I will remember her.

“Rest in peace, Emily.”

Edmund Yeo. (Photo: Edmund Yeo Facebook)

As for her friend, Joanna (黄琣淯), she couldn’t believe Kong was gone, but hoped she was in a better place: “Can’t believe your departure, but I believe you’ve gone to a better place. I really miss you!”

Actor and singer Elvis Chin shared a beautiful black and white photo of them together on his Instagram, with the caption:

“Sisters, go all the way… Lord, may you rest in peace. See you again #emilykong”

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