Fall Color Makeup RED VS NUDE, What Is Your Choice?

[by Hwang So-hee] The cold breeze in the morning and night after the Choo Seok, entering October, really makes us hunch our shoulder. Fall, when people starts to feel emotional with cold breeze, is good time to try out change in outfit to turn the mood.

One of those changes, small changes that is easy to be noticed, you can give is makeup. Makeup, make the fun out of depends on the mood every day, can create completely different vibe depends on what color and textures. If you are dull out of daily routine, why don’t you try out feel good makeover with different lip color?

You cannot talk about fall without Nude lip, maximize the elegant vibe, and Red lip, the other maximize provocative charm. Let’s try out fascinating lip make up that will not only change your mood but also help you to be autumn goddess with style.


>> Sharpen the Eyes

It is important to create eye makeup and base make up as simple as possible since we choose colorful color to give points with red lip. It is good to finish up base makeup using foundation with moist texture to feel the moisture on your skin.

Black eye liner is an eye makeup with clean line that goes great with the rep lip. Black eyeliner not only make eyes look clear but also create clean look. You can finish the eye makeup that doesn’t look too much by smudging the eyeliner with the cotton swab after applying eyeliner to almost filling up the eyelashes then bring out the tail toward the end.


3CE EASY PEN EYE LINER #BROWN can maintain clean eye line running after long hours with film formula type that creates thin film as you apply the eye liner. It is best for people who worry about eyeliner spreading everywhere after long time. You can create clear and deep eye line using sophisticated and elastic sponge tip brush that fills eyelashes in detail you can also cleanse in completely with lukewarm water without any irritation nor coloring because it is an easy washable type that doesn’t require remover.

>> Play By The Book Of Red, Matte Lip

Red lip, goes great with cool tone and warm tone, meanwhile brighten the entire face right as you apply, is good to choose the matte shape that has high color development and goes great with fall. Matte red lip emphasize elegant charm and create luxurious vibe compare to glossy type.

You can give stylish vibe if you clean up the lip boundary with lip liner when you apply red lip. If you feel that the red lip that covers the entire lips is too much for you, you can create natural lip makeup that you can utilize as daily makeup by applying gradation tip from inside of lip to outside then touch it with hand to finish.


3CE SOFT LIP LACQUER create perfect lip makeup during long period of time by easily applying the clear and powerful color on your lips when it first touches your lips. Even though it is a perfect matte type that doesn’t have any gloss but it gives perfectly soft finish. The high color development fine color pigment not only cover the lip but also evenly blend the fine wrinkles in between lips; you can complete the smooth rip makeup.


>> What If You Want Deep Eyes?

It is better to create more colorful mood for eye makeup when you use nude lip makeup that give pointer with beige tone because it can give dull vibe. The contrast makeup using glitter shadow that adds lively pearl is the perfect match for the nude lip.

Let’s try to create the shape by applying the beige shadow without pearl all around the eye hole and adding the brown shade along the double eye lid line. If you have a mono-lid, apply it until the half point where you applied beige shadow, then blend with hands. Lastly, you can complete the bright eyes by applying the glitter shadow from top part of eyeball until the bottom line of the eyes.


3CE MULTI EYE COLOR PALETTE create colorful and glossy eyes using transparent and colorful jewelry glitter. You can feel the soft applying affect with its two layered melting oil and high-gloss oil with superior moisturizing power. With ALL NIGHTER COLOR, a product that contains colors you can use as daily colors and colorful multi-glitter, you can create many different makeup.

>> Nude Lip That Maximize Elegance

If you are a beauty trend setter, you cannot miss out on Nude Lip. Especially, you can emphasize the elegance and provocative charm with nude lips since it goes great with fall vibe. Since nude lip brings out the dry skin on your lips, let’s give moisture by applying lip balm before doing the makeup.

You can create more elastic and smooth nude lip by filling up the wrinkles in between lips with lip primer before applying the lip product. Let’s draw the lip outline then apply nude lip with full lip. Lastly, you can keep it longer by applying one last time in the middle of the lip.


3CE SLIM VELVET LIP COLOR keeps the comfortable lip makeup for long period of time by smoothly blending the high color development velvety texture that softly apply as it touches your lip in between fine wrinkles on your lips. #FOCUS releases provocative vibe with its luxurious peach beige color.

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