Fala Chen enjoyed playing homeless in "Passinger"

20 Sep – Fala Chen recently admitted that she is excited about finally showing off the fruit of her hard work - the short movie "Passinger" at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival: Hong Kong Short Film Competition.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who previously announced the movie's selection as one of the nine finalists for the competition, shared that she started writing the movie after taking a screenwriting class as part of her studies in Juilliard.

"Due to the limited budget, I relied a lot on old friends and classmates for help, like Law Lok Lam and Ng Siu Hin. I really appreciated their contribution," she said.

Fala, who played the role of a homeless person in the movie, shared that the most memorable part of filming the project was preparing for her role.

"I slept on the street, didn't wash my hair, do my nails or anything. Even the shirt and shorts that I wore were picked up from the trash," said Fala.

The actress said that she looked and smelled so bad that nobody recognised her on the street.

"Because the lack of budget, I had to do everything from writing, directing and acting to hair and make-up. It was very satisfying for me," she said.

Now that the movie is being selected for the competition, Fala stated that she is grateful for the recognition.

"As a Hong Kong actor, it's very rare to be able to participate in the competition. I would like to thank the event for its continuing support of young filmmakers. I am also very grateful for everyone who helped. Without the team's coordination and support, I couldn't have possibly finished it on my own," she said.

As for her future projects, Fala stated that she is currently working on a new script, while at the same time still doing her job as an actress.

(Photo Source: Fala Chen Instagram)